A Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation
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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. John M. Shamoun from Huntington Beach, California (CA), Newport Beach, California (CA)

Fabulously Talented
"Dr. Shamoun performed two BA's as well as a capsulectomy on me. His bedside manner and expertise is phenomenal and I highly recommend him to anyone desiring a natural looking breast."
   - Jaz77

Dr. Shamoun
"Ladies, looking for an experience and skilled plastic surgeon for your BA?- then make a consultation appointment for see Dr. Shamoun. He, Yvonne and the surgical team were superb. They are knowledgeable, attentive to questions/concerns and focused on their clients. Being in the medical field, consideration for an exceptional plastic surgeon with positive outcomes was my top priority. After several months of careful research, I selected Dr. Shamoun. I waited 25 yrs for my BA and wanted only the best. I am 6 weeks post BA. The results of a full C cup are apparent and realized. My husband and I are thrilled. As months pass, my breast will drop and fluff, looking even more natural and fabulous. Give Dr. Shamoun's office a call. You'll definitely want to add his name to your short list of BA plastic surgeons for strong consideration.

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   - Helen

Could Not Be Happier With My Decision!
"I just wanted to give credit to my plastic surgeon for a job WELL done! I would highly recommend Dr. Athur Shektman, who is listed on ImplantInfo.com, for anyone in the Boston area ,that is considering having a breast augmentation. From my very first consultation to my last post-op visit he was very professional. I had a great experience with him and all of his staff. All of my questions , whether stupid or not, were answered. I had a great experience with my surgery also. I fully expected to be in alot of pain and extremely swollen which never happened to me !! My breasts looked just as great after surgery as they do now!! I wasn't sure what size would best fit my frame, so I left that decision up to Dr. Shektman. I was a little scared leaving that decision up to a man, but, he knew what I wanted and what would best fit my frame. He made my dreams come true!! His suggestion was a full C to a small D. I could not be any happier with his decision!! Please let other women hear my story so they can be better informed.

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   - Kristi

I Recommend Him Highly!
"I finally had my BA on 12/3 and owe so much of my education to ImplantInfo.com. I really appreciate all the work you've done to help make my decision an informed one!

My surgeon was Dr. John M. Shamoun of Newport Beach, CA.. I had an excellent surgical experience with him. He was straightforward and everything he said to expect was right on. I had very little pain, little bruising, rapid healing and generally a very easy recovery.

The only downside was that he has a personal preference for smaller breasts, which he was quite honest about during my consultation. During my pre-op, he was very hesitant to consider larger implants for me. While I appreciated his aesthetic tastes, I was more concerned about my health and safety and we finally came to a resolution about what was SAFE vs. what HE thought would look good. In the end, he gave me the largest implants he could safely insert (500ccs). I trusted him to make that call in the OR and had no idea what size I was until after surgery. He really made the effort to make me happy with my BA and I am very grateful to him for that. If I was a less assertive woman, I might have agreed to something smaller than I really wanted during the pre-op.

Dr. Shamoun is a very popular surgeon and rightly so. He is a real perfectionist, who makes the time to call his patients to check in or answer any questions they might have. He actually phoned me BEFORE my consult because I had emailed a few questions to him and talked me through some of my basic concerns. Not too many surgeons would take the time to do that on the weekend.

I recommend him highly!"
   - Bryn

Glad I Made The Trip!
"I had my surgery with Dr Shamoun about a week ago. I told him that your website was how I found him and why I was so well educated on the subject. Things look great, they are soft already and he was surprised how fast the swelling went down. The best part was when I finally got to see my husband after a week. He just stood there with this huge grin. He looked like a little kid in a candy store. After 20 years of marriage it's nice to be able to have that effect on him still. This morning he came upstairs and pulled the covers down so he could have one more look before he left for work. I think he's afraid they'll disappear. Dr. Shamoun was perfect for me. I had a lift on one side and the crease revised. So with the extra work I was especially glad I made the trip to California to see him."
   - Anonymous

Fantastic Experience From Beginning To End
"I was able to get all the information I needed in one place. I used Dr. Shamoun in California. I had my surgery 12 days ago. I can't begin tell you what a wonderful surgeon Dr. Shamoun is.

I had such a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Although I am still in the post op stages. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in search of a good surgeon here in Southern California. Again many thanks for putting this site together for all us women."
   - Leslie

I Have Even Referred My Friends!
"I am 3 months post-op patient of Dr. John Shamoun from Newport Beach, California and absolutely thrilled with my results. I researched the procedure endlessly (with the help of your site!) and went to 7 consultations before deciding wholeheartedly on Dr. Shamoun. I have since referred one friend to him who underwent the procedure last Monday (and she is equally as thrilled) and another friend will be going to him at the beginning of next year."
   - Sarah

Beautiful And Natural
"I had researched breast augmentation for over 10 years, and very seriously for the last two. I visited eight different plastic surgeons and finally decided on one. About the same time, I discovered this website and I put the doctor's name who I had chosen on the Q & A Forum to see if anyone out there had used him. I got an e-mail from another girl who told me that I really should see Dr. Shamoun before I committed.

I figured that I had researched this long, why not one more? I called his office and actually got in to see him the next day. What a wonderful manner he had - it made all the previous surgeons I had visited seem like second best, including the one I had scheduled surgery with.

The next day, I canceled my surgery with the other surgeon and rescheduled with Dr. Shamoun. He was wonderful. Every time I came up with new questions, he either got on the phone or had me come in. His pictures were fabulous and so was his "work" around his office. My pre-op was easy and unlike every other surgeon I checked out, Dr. Shamoun's office provided me with everything - a post surgery bra, painkillers, etc. It was very nice not to have the additional shopping to do on top of having pre-surgery nerves.

The day of surgery was smooth and the nurses were wonderful. I don't remember anything after until I arrived home. My recovery has been relatively quick, I have had 2 post-op visits and both have gone well. I was back at work in 6 days, back at the gym in 14 days and they are so beautiful and natural looking. I went from a small B to a full C.
I wanted something very natural looking so that not everyone would stare at my chest. They are the perfect size. He is a wonderful doctor and his work is fabulous. I am so glad I discovered ImplantInfo.com because I would have settled for second best otherwise.

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   - Misty

I Finally Feel Good In My Skin!
"My name is Lisa. I am 24 years old and recently had a breast augmentation. It has only been a short time since my surgery, but I already feel like it was one of the best decisions of my life. My decision to have my breasts enlarged was not an easy one, but after doing a ton of research, I decided that the pros definitely out weighed the cons. After I completed hours upon hours of research, I finally decided that having my boobs enlarged was something that I truly wanted. I found a couple potential surgeons, contacted them, and scheduled consultations.

On my first scheduled consultation I met with Dr. Shamoun, of Newport Beach. I was very nervous sitting in the waiting room and I was still not positive that I was going to go through with the surgery. I needed that special doctor to set me at ease. I needed reassurance that if I was going to make this decision, that my doctor would do everything in his power to make things turn out right. I needed to be able to trust and have complete confidence in this person. I also needed someone who had an extensive background in plastic and reconstructive surgery. I figured that if I was going to go through a major surgery, I wanted it done right. My first consultation went great. I tried on different sizes in a bra and tried to decide on a size. We talked about all of the different incisions and potential problems and risks associated with having a breast augmentation. He answered most of my questions before I even asked them. The questions that I did ask, he answered honestly. As I left his office I knew that he was someone to really consider, but I was not sure if I was going to be able to afford him. I went to all of my other consultations and as I suspected, no one compared. Dr. Shamoun had all of the things that I was looking for in a doctor. After all of my other consultations, I called Dr. Shamoun's office and scheduled a surgery date. I had found my surgeon!

Before my pre-op visit, I took the liberty to call and ask all of my most recent questions. Dr. Shamoun's assistant (Yvonne) was wonderful. She answered all the questions that she could and still told me to call again if I had anymore. Even though going to his office was scary for me (because of what I was going to get done there), I loved being there. The office was clean and very professional looking and the staff always made me feel welcome. During my pre-op I was both excited and nervous. Once again Dr. Shamoun made me feel a little more at ease. He kept assuring me that I was going to look great and things were going to turn out OK. I took photos, had blood taken, and tried on different sizes again. Dr. Shamoun and I never really decided on exactly how large to go, but he had an idea of what I wanted. We ended my pre-op visit with estimation between 400 and 500 cc. I knew that was a wide range but I trusted him enough to let him decide (during the surgery) what would look best on my body type.

The morning of my surgery I was pretty excited. Everyone in the operating room was nice and very supportive. They help my hand as I dozed off. The next thing I knew I was in the recovery room with an invisible elephant sitting on my chest. I had a hard time breathing and I was pretty uncomfortable. Dr. Shamoun was there immediately when I woke and asked me how I was doing. He said that everything went great and they went a little larger they we had discussed. I didn't care because I trusted him.

The first night was pretty much a blur. I was told that Dr. Shamoun called that evening to see how I was doing. I thought that was very nice because after all if was a Friday evening. I had my first follow-up visit that Monday. The doctor said things looked good, I was recovering wonderfully and that I had no bruises!! I was so surprised. I had heard that people got terrible bruises from the surgery. I expected to have a ton because I normally I bruise easily, but I had none. Dr. Shamoun said he is very careful with the tissue while performing the surgery. I was impressed. Then he asked if I wanted to see "them" and I said no. I was still afraid to look. The visit was a bit painful, but I knew that he was just doing what was necessary. A few days after my follow-up visit I got up the courage to look. They were beautiful! I was very happy with my new boobs. They were still riding high, swollen a bit, and plenty hard, but I loved them. All the pain, tightness, and discomfort was worth it...already!!!

Each day got better and better. I went to go and see him again that Friday (a week after the surgery). He redid my tape, pulled out the ends of the stitches, and sent me on my way. I went to Utah for a week and was not worried at all. Things were healing fine. I am extremely grateful that things went well because I know bad things can happen. By choosing my doctor carefully I minimized the risks as much as possible. Dr. Shamoun and his staff were wonderful and I recommend them to anyone. Dr. Shamoun has everything I could ever ask for in a surgeon. He made the whole experience a positive one and I do not regret making such a drastic change in my appearance. I love my new look and I love getting up in the morning. I don't dread going bra or swimsuit shopping anymore. I finally feel good in my skin!"
   - Linda

Wonderfully Talented Surgeon
"Dr. Shamoun is a wonderfully talented surgeon and a great person also. I am thrilled with my results. I found Dr. Thank you for listing him on this site!! He is wonderful! Not only is he an incredibly talented surgeon, he's also a very warm and caring person. I feel very lucky to have found him. He is worth the nearly two-hour drive to see him (with traffic it's nearly three!). Thanks again. I will send everything once I receive all the pictures Dr. Shamoun took."
   - Christine

Beautiful Results
"I have met some great women on ImplantInfo.com over the last year. I also found my surgeon thanks to your website and several people who recommended him. I had gone on lots of consultations but when I met Dr. Shamoun, I knew he was the one to do my lift/augmentation. I feel that his talent, artistic ability and kindness set him apart from the rest. I would not hesitate to send anyone to him regardless of the procedure needed.

My results are beautiful and far exceed my every expectation. If any patient lives in So. California and remains undecided about who should do their surgery. I would suggest calling for a consult with Dr. John Shamoun in Newport Beach!"
   - Deborah

A Wonderful Surgeon!
"After countless hours of research,and reading the postings of women with complaints of losing nipple sensation and so many other complications that came from breast augmentation, I became determined to find the one surgeon that had the knowledge, artistry and experience to do my augmentation RIGHT- the FIRST TIME. I read through hundreds of surgeons' websites, not only looking at pictures, but scouring their philosophies, credentials, and most of all, searching for honesty, without ego.

I found all of this, and so much more, with Dr. John shamoun of Newport Beach, California. ANY woman who is considering breast augmentation should meet with Dr. shamoun. He is not ONLY the only US plastic surgeon to be OuadruQle Board Certified...he is an AMAZING ARTIST! I am extremely happy with my new boobs, and my husband is even happier than I am! They look so natural, and after only a little more than a month, they FEEL natural too. I did not lose nipple sensation for even one day (with nipple incision), and complications or pain have been completely non-existent! That is EXACTLY what I wanted -Done RIGHT the FIRST time! Instant gratification. I could not have found a better surgeon than Dr. shamoun! I highly recommend Dr. shamoun to any woman who wants the greatest boobs she can possibly have. He is a WONDERFUL surgeon!

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   - Sheri Schmidt

Highly Recommend Dr. Shamoun
"My PS was Dr. Shamoun. I found him through ImplantInfo.com. I checked out other doctors as well and ended up going with Dr. Shamoun. He was more expensive but I loved the fact that he is a perfectionist and is really confident in what he does. It has only 3 months since my BA and so far I had a wonderful recovery. I guess to make my long story short. I highly recommend Dr. Shamoun."
   - Anonymous

Worth The Trip
"I had my BA with him in May 2003 I flew from Maine to see him. I wanted someone who would give me excellent results the first time. After reading about so many people who had problems with their PS's. I wanted someone who was professional and a little on the conservative side. Yvonne runs the show in his office so make sure you get on her good side. The surgical team was wonderful. I have a healthcare background so I'm a little more picky about these people. They were very professional. Dr. Shamoun has a great personality and makes sure you understand everything. I was well informed thanks to this site and could converse easily with him about what I wanted. We never talked about specific #'s of cc. I showed him pictures of what I liked and he did the rest. I ended up a 32d from a saggy A cup I had a lift on one side also) If you have not been to his website you should check it out. The pictures of the asymmetry he corrected look great. I'm sure you'll find him worth the trip."
   - Anonymous

Great Results And Recovery!
"I just wanted to tell everyone, especially those who are still pre-BA, about my experience yesterday (I can't believe it was only yesterday!!) I was scheduled for 8 a.m. with Dr. Shamoun of Newport Beach, and arrived there at 7:15. We talked over size and what kind of result I was looking for one last time, then I remember talking to the nurse and anesthesiologist, who were great, and before I knew it, I was waking up in the recovery room. I had NO PAIN upon waking up, just a tiny bit of pressure, as I was still numb from the local anesthetic. I was a little out of it at first and apparently when they called my mom in to come and see me, I was like "Look mom, I can raise my arms above my head!!" and I kept doing it! The nurse saw me and yelled at me, ha ha. (I do not remember this!) Anyway, I had absolutely no nausea, and the pain has really not been that bad at all--just discomfort, like everyone says. I'm just taking 1/2 of a Vicodin every few hours or so, but I may switch to Extra Strength Tylenol later on today. I'm really surprised because I was expecting the worst--it's been smooth sailing so far and I even plan on going to my class tonight. In case anyone's wondering, I'm 5'6", 105 lbs. I started out as a small A, and received 300 cc's, silicone, under the muscle, areola incision--hoping for a small C. I can even feel my nipples today, which I am quite happy about! :-)
Anyway, just wanted to share my story. Hopefully this will be encouraging to those who haven't been through it yet. It really has not been that bad at all for me, but I know that everyone's different."
   - Cara

Exactly What I Wanted!
"I just wanted to give you feedback on Dr. Shamoun in Newport Beach, CA. The positive feedback I found on ImplantInfo.com about him is the reason I chose to have a consult with him and I want to be a good influence to those ladies who are in the process of searching themselves.

My three consults were scheduled before I found your site, none of which with Dr. Shamoun. But, after finding his page and the patient feedback on your site, I made a fourth appointment. The chips all fell into place. There was a cancellation the week I called and I was in there within 3 days. His actually ended up being the first appointment and no one else measured up to him. I never made it to the fourth consult, my surgery was scheduled by then.

Dr. Shamoun was honest, confident and down to earth. He listened to what I wanted and made it happen. He listened to my husband and answered his questions. I found it hard to believe that he was quoting faster recovery times and better results than the other surgeons. In the end, he was absolutely right about everything. His attention to detail is fantastic.
My surgery and recovery were a breeze!

My results are even better. They are EXACTLY what I wanted. Size, shape, feel, scars...everything. I couldn't be happier. Dr. Shamoun is a highly skilled surgeon/artist who does beautiful work. I love his attitude about plastic surgery. Everyone that is considering some sort of a procedure needs to schedule some time with Dr. Shamoun. He is well worth it."
   - Jessica

Finally Happy!
"Thank you so much for all the info you've provided me with, on ImplantInfo.com, over the last several weeks. I finally got my BA with Dr. Shamoun on Monday and I cannot be happier with the results. He is truly magnificent!
I have no bruises and little swelling and perfect size and... oh boy! Am I HAPPY NOW!
Thanks again, and special thanks to ImplantInfo.com for providing such a supportive and informative website. I couldn't have gone through it without you!"
   - Serena

Dr. Shamoun Does Amazing Work!
"I wanted to tell you thank you so much for the beautiful breasts that you have given me. I know the last couple of visits I mentioned that the size seemed a little big, but I guess I just need more time to get used to them. I do love them...they are the perfect size & shape for my body. I am SO VERY GLAD that I choose you to do my breast augmentation. I've already given your name to three girls in my office and told them that you are worth every cent, and that you are brilliant!!

Today one of the girls I know in the gym came up to me and said I looked "hot" and that I now have the "T" to go with my "A" and legs that I work so hard at keeping in shape. She said that my profile is balanced now...my chest sticks out as much as my butt does, and that you "did a great job". I am even more determined now to get back to the lean muscular shape I was in 4 years ago. Of course not without really good support."
   - Victoria

Nothing But The Best Regards
"I found my plastic surgeon on ImplantInfo by Nicole. I knew I wanted to go with Dr. Shamoun during my first visit with him. He is extremely professional, caring and honest. He is willing to answer all questions and responds immediately to calls and e-mails. His consultation was thorough and unrushed. He has excellent staff and people working with him in the OR. Every time I am there for an appt., his patients in the waiting room have nothing but best regards for him as well.

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   - Kim

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