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Nikki's Explantation

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Before Breast Implant Removal
Before Breast Implant Removal

After Breast Implant Removal
After Breast Implant Removal

Editor's Note: This patient decided after having breast augmentation that she did not want it anymore. She lived with it for almost a year the decided to have the breast implants removed without replacement. Below is an excerpt from her story. You can read the whole story in our Visitor Stories section.

This is my story into and out of breast augmentation. here goes....

I originally wanted to have a lift but my husband was frightened by the scarring so I agreed to look into implants. I told my PS that I wanted to be "fuller and perkier"... my exact words. She told me that I could not get that without breast implants. I then said I wouldn't be opposed to breast implants as long as I wasn't more than a small C cup...I would love for women to have all sides of this issue before undergoing the surgery. I don't think that enough of us who just don't like them talk about it. I just didn't like them and they weren't for me.
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