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Judi's Story

Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Stories from our Visitors

If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Happy with Dr. Pousti in San Diego

My plastic surgeon was Dr. Tom Pousti

I had a breast augmentation on September 23rd. 

Comments: Having breast augmentation was the best decision I have made. My husband really didn't want me to do it and he always said he loved me just the way I am. He would say that they would feel fake or plastic (he didn't know). He tried to make me feel good about how I looked, but there were a few times when he innocently made comments to me that made me think I should have my boobs done.

I started looking online, put in my zip code and up popped Dr. Pousti. I loved that fact that I could see his work and make comparisons to myself. I had spoken to another doctor that was close by, but he wanted a $50.00 consultation fee and that made me feel uneasy.

I drove down to Dr. Pousti's office and had a chance to speak to him, his staff, and I also got to see in person some of his patients. There was NEVER any pressure about scheduling. Dr. Pousti was very honest in what he could do for me and he made me feel so at ease!

I had the best experience ever and I would do it again! I had no surgery problems (pre or post) and the after care I have been getting is wonderful. The girls in the office and Dr. Pousti made me feel like I was more then a patient. I felt very welcomed, liked and appreciated.

I am totally thrilled about my new look and I cannot wait to wear a bathing suit top without pads! Oh, and my husband says my boobs are beautiful. He loves them!

I would recommend Dr.Pousti to others. Dr. Pousti is located in San Diego, California.

Age: 44 (3 kids, all breastfed)
Height: 5''7"
Weight: 130
Size: I went from a B cup to a D cup
Incision: areola
Implants: Mentor
Implant Fill: Saline 350 cc's filled to 380 cc's 
Implant Surface: Smooth
Implant Shape: Round
Implant Profile: Regular

- Judi

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