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Jo's Story

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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Best Thing I Could Have Done for My Self-esteem

Hello fellow B.A.'ers. My name is Jo and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. On October 23, 1998, I had my breast augmentation done. I didn't know it would change me so drastically! In 1986, at the young age of 20, I had my first son. He was wonderful and perfect. I breastfed him for two years, while simultaneously breastfeeding my newborn son (son number two, born in 1988). I continued tandem nursing until my younger son was nearly two years old. My daughter was born in 1991. I also nursed her for two years.

In 1994, my fourth child was born. Unfortunately, she died in the neonatal period. However, I still pumped my milk and donated it to a milk bank. In 1996, my fifth and LAST child was born. I also breastfed him for two years. Can you just *imagine* what my breasts looked like? My little angels had sucked every bit of breast tissue right out of me! While breastfeeding was well worth it, and I would do it all over again, my once perky and firm 36D breasts were a hopeless and sagging 32A by the summer of 1998.

Unable to look at myself in the mirror any longer, I opted for implants. I am 5'4" and weigh barely 110lbs, so I wasn't certain if I wanted to go back to being a full D cup. I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Deborah White, in Scottsdale, Az. She was wonderful and warm! Her staff was ever so helpful and answered all of my questions with patience and concern. I knew this was something I had to do...my husband had just filed for divorce, so I figured- hey "what the heck..." -five children in nine years , and eight years of breastfeeding? I EARNED some new breasts, don't you think???? So the decision was made.

I thought I wanted to be a "B" cup. My surgeon asked me to trust her and that she would decide on the table how much would look good on me. We did "try on" some sizes. The.range of 300 cc's is what I thought would be best. Being a vegetarian and herbalist, I began taking Arnica Montana one week prior to the surgery.

On October 23, 1998, I entered the hospital with my girlfriend, Nancy's help. I was very nervous, despite having five children - natural childbirth!! Everyone was really nice, but my heart was *pounding!* The anesthesiologist came in and told me he was going to give me something in my IV to relax me. Within seconds, I felt intoxicated. After just a minute or so, I had no recollection or cognitive awareness of anything between there and recovery! I was tabula rasa!

When I awoke, I was in a LOT of pain! The drugs were still running rampant, so I was not able to call the nurse (however, in my mind, I was SCREAMING bloody murder!) I wanted something for the pain. It felt like a truck was sitting on my chest...breathing was such an effort! The nurse finally came over and asked me if I wanted a shot of pain medication. I couldn't answer because the drugs had me so discombobulated, so I just shook my head - a very firm yes! She gave me a shot in the gluteus maximus which did assuage some of the pain, but not entirely.

Within the hour, they wheeled me out to my girlfriend's car (a little bumpy Mustang) and urged me to get in. I promptly refused to move. They, however, were not having any of that. I slept the entire ride home, with Percocets in one hand, and my Arnica in the other. We arrived home and I wiped the drool from my cheek :) as I got out of the small, low to the ground and very uncomfortable Mustang convertible my friend drove. She helped me to the third floor of my house. I tried to lie down in bed. Uh, .no thank you. Back down stairs to the recliner...ahhhh....yes, much better. I slept there, upright, for two hours.

I woke up nauseous and she brought me some crackers. I took a pain pill and my Arnica, my first pain pill my 100th Arnica ! I fell back asleep and then awoke an hour later. The pain pill had worn off, however, I was beginning to regain my mental strength in order to combat the pain. This is the point I remember that - hey! I have breasts! I looked down at my chest. I was ace bandaged up...sort of like a mummy, but hey, they looked good anyway!! My friend was upstairs in the kitchen. I could hear her on the phone, making fun of my behavior while I was drugged prior to surgery. I think I made some sort of pass at someone on my way to the surgery room....Unable to resist, I forced myself to lift out of the chair and I went upstairs....she about fainted!

I continued from that point on, to make myself take care of myself! I got my own drinks, food, crackers,,,,answered phone, etc. I quickly began to feel better. My boyfriend came over after work and took over so my friend could go home. He was amazed at how well I was doing. So was my friend! So was I! That night, Dave slept on the couch and I slept in the recliner, however, I didn't have to take any more pain pills at all. The pain at this point was very minimal and I was able to do everything for myself which didn't require me to use my pectoral muscles...i.e., no vacuuming or calisthenics.

The next morning after the surgery, I woke up and got dressed for my follow up appt. with Dr. White. First, we went out to breakfast. Then we went to the Price Club...then to Victoria's Secret...just for fun! Then off to Dr. White's. I found out I had 465 cc's , placed submuscular, round , smooth , mentors. She removed the bandage....!!!!! PERFECT!! They were absolutely *******gorgeous****** I thought Dave's eyes were going to fall out of his face! You could hardly see the incision (aerola) and there was no swelling and only one small yellow bruise. They were perfect! I cried!

The rest of my recovery continued the same - quite expeditiously! I washed my own hair within 24 hours...etc, etc. With four children at home ages 2, 7, 10 & 12, I didn't have time for a break so it was business as usual!

I am three months post-op now. You cannot see the aerola scars at all. Even when I try to see them, I can't. I did not lose any sensitivity. They never looked like snoopy breasts. This was truly the best thing I could have done for my self-esteem! I am so, so pleased with the results....34D! Best wishes to those planning a BA!

- Jo

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