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F-Girl's Story

Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Stories from our Visitors

If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Weightlifter's Breast Augmentation Story

Sept 4 -- I am 26 years old and the mother of two wonderful children (both breastfed for 6 mos). I have considered breast augmentation since I weaned my first child in 1993. Before meeting my husband, I was a natural 38D-DD! This was even during weighlifting and supplementation, it never seemed to decrease my breast volume. Then again, I was also much younger, lol! My breasts were very high and very very firm (most thought I had implants back then). I did find my breasts were very heavy and tended to get in the way.

Before conceiving my first child, I lost about 20 lbs and quit bodybuilding, and went down to a 34D. After pregnancy and engorgement, I was a DD again, but after weaning my breasts were very deflated for about a year, finally returning to a much softer 34D state. About this time, my best friend decided on an augmentation, which I supported her through (going to consultations etc). I was terrified when she chose a periareolar incision and overs with little breast tissue! She seemed to heal fine and was generally happy with her results, convincing me that I could also do this.

I scheduled a consultation, but became pregnant shortly after. This second pregnancy did not reach term, and after a third pregnancy and nursing, I am down to a more deflated 34c, though without much sagging, just lost projection and very deflated. I model professionally, and find that my skin is appearing 'wrinkly' in some swimsuits, and I feel it may begin to impair my ability to do much in the way of swimsuit modeling - the change in breasts also affects my confidence and relationship with my husband as I do not feel comfortable showing him my breasts.

Generally I am still very happy with the shape of my breasts, but feel something needs to be done about the excess skin. I love myself in a bra, but scared to look in the mirror nude :( I had another consultation shortly after I weaned my baby, but decided it was too close after and to wait until this summer - so here I am! After many years of researching, I have finally decided to not let any more time pass me by - I am young and fit, I deserve to look it on my breasts too, I want to feel attractive!

My husband was initially very hesitant, but is also supportive of my decision. His biggest concern is how they will feel. I have told nooone but my aunt who is like a mother to me and will be babying me during the post-op period. I figure that I will be making a smaller change (only 400 CC's on my large ribcage - 31'), and I will have the winter to camouflage it. I hope to only return to a large D, small DD.

So, I saved for a few months, and have my first pre-op appt in TWO DAYS! I am so excited, I dream about it every night and cannot sleep! I have changed my mind to unders after reading and seeing many fabulous stories, but I am still confused as to incision. I will probably follow the advice of the surgeon on this one.

I see Dr Brian Peterson ($5445 Canadian) here in Kelowna BC Canada in two days. If I decide not to go through with the surgery with him for any reason, I also have another consult with Dr Reid. Right now, my biggest concerns are post-op swelling (I have a tendency for this), anesthesia (I reach funny to it) and not disturbing my crease, and caps contr. Oh yeah, I hate to admit it but I already went bra shopping for new stuff! I am just so excited!

October 4 -- Today is surgery day! got the house cleaned, kids bathed, my aunt came to town to help with me and the kids with hubby. I am anxious but numb, which is really strange. Got my gear all ready for the trip: Boost, vites, med, 2 sports bras (couldn;t find the right size!), ice packs, comfy clothes, water, sunglasses, blankies and bucket for the car...took my arnica... Here I go!

October 5 -- Just a really quick note to say surgery went fantastic. I waited for about two hours until my surgery, which gave me some time to deal with things, I read through Playboys and SI Swimsuit Editions in my little pretty bedroom/waiting room! I WALKED to the OR, and heaved myself on the bed - the OR was big and full of windows with sunshine streaming in...John Cougar was singing Wild Night on the CD player nice and loud. They started an IV and BANG, I was OUT.

I did end up having gas while in twilight sedation to keep me out, so I can still taste is as I breathe - YUK! I awoke with a bang, wide awake and feeling great! They gave me no pain meds AT ALL, just a squirt of local into the pockets when they were open. I ate crackers and had pop before leaving the surgi center, still no pain and my chest was not heavy - just a bit stiff. At first there was no swelling (I HAD to look), but now there is a bit so I am icing and took my arnica as directed. I just now took a few T3's, not because I am in pain yet, but so that I do not over exert.

Speaking of Over Exert...I came home and was showing my Dh in the bathroom when I felt sick/faint. I sent him out and forget everything else. Apparently he heard me call his name, came in and I had passed out on the john with my pants down, and slumped into the wall!! With my EYES wide open! Well, my aunt and my hubby were terrified, but I woke up and was fine, guess the blood rushed to my head. WHEW! So I am taking it much easier now, lol.

Anyhow, still no pain, no heaviness, I am doing really really well. Ps the twins look great, no bruises, minimal swelling, and they are not very high or square, pretty normal! We already took some post-op pics (see left). Well, feeling great today, no more pain meds. I slept sitting up which was really weird. They have already dropped down alot and are alot less square! YAY!.

My nipples still have sensation, in fact I have no numb or painful spots - sort of feels like engorgement (not as bad as engorgement!), tight and stiff. I have a touch of heartburn, so I am taking Rolaids. I have no idea what cup size I will be, but I think at least a full D. My PS made them EXACTLY like the pic I showed him! And they aren't even humpy! YAY! Most of the swelling today is in my cleavage, so I am ice-packing on and off.*grin* I am sooo HAPPY! Hubby loves them!

October 12 -- Things are going wonderfully! I was totally off of pain meds by day two! A bit of a problem with constipation from them, and I continued icing to day 4. Bathing was great on day 3, and I even washed my own hair. I have no real pain at all, just some stiffness at night and first thing in the morning. I have noticed some squishy noises in my left breast when I massage, which is probably trapped fluid in the capsule.

Massage feels great! I am supposed to push both breast in the the middle, hold, and up to the top, hold, for 10 secs each time. Doing this morning and night, usually after my bath. Using cream while doing seems to help too. I am really getting used to my breasts, they are actually smaller than my natural breasts used to be! Even, they are still a bit smaller I think than when I breastfed a year ago. But I love the size - and they are really much more comfortable than natural breasts. They are not heavy in comparison at all, and they do not PULL at the skin so much (maybe since they are unders). My right breast still feels a but tighter and the hump is about a half-inch higher, but I am massaging like crazy!

October 15 -- Things are progressing nicely. My left breast feels completely my own. It causes me no discomfort, even when sleeping but still feels to hard to sleep directly on my stomach. Side sleeping is fine! My right hurts to lay on my side but I am doing it anyways:) I am amazed at how small they look in clothes - I can't tell the difference from pre-ba in my bras. I also just found out my PS filled 425's to 475, so my actually implant size is 425cc. My steri-strips feel off, so I had hubby go get new ones. I was actually very surprised how nice my incisions look, though they are longer than I expected. One seems to have an open patch so I am keeping it covered in hopes that it decides to stick down. Speaking of my hubby, he is insane! He loves them , but is still pretty scared to touch:) MEN!

Caught myself a cold today, so I am bummed. Just finished the last of my antibiotics today, still taking the following: Vit E - 800 mg per day Eve Primrose - 1000 mg per day Multi-vit Iron - 30 mg Vit C - 1000 mg Zinc - 50 mcg SIX MONTHS POST!...................

Wow, what a journey! All I have to say is my entire experience has been wonderful, thanks to a great site by Nicole, a wonderful surgeon and a happy hubby! things have calmed down here alot, I still think about my boobs ten times a day though, hehe. I am finally done with size changes and am a nice full D. No one can tell the difference which I love! These breasts are very easy to carry around, and it is really nice to not have to worry about everything you wear with floppy boobs! Hugs and kisses to my boobie sista's! I am still taking my 800 iu's of vit e everyday and massaging with dedication!

- F-Girl

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Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants - Experiences, Journals, Stories and Advice from Our Visitors


About This Patient

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5' 6''
  • Weight: 115
  • Placement: Dual Plane
  • Pre-op Bra Size: 34C
  • Post-op Bra Size: 34DD
  • Implants: Saline
  • Fill: Right 425CC Left 425CC

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