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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Implant Replacement Sotry

Date: Tuesday, 5 January 1999, at 12:47 p.m.

First, I want to send BIG HUGS to Nicole for making this website available. I've been glued to this forum for the last two months and have learned so much....thanks to everyone for sharing!! In case anyone is facing the same situation as me, I thought I should share my story!

I had 300cc "overs" put in 10+ years ago and developed severe capsular contracture. To make matters worse, I recently found two lumps in my left breast. The mammogram and ultrasound identified each as a mass that would need to be biopsied. So, I sought out to find the best PS and started interviewing doctors, picking their brains as I went along. I checked with breast specialists, general surgeons, and even my family physician for references. I wanted someone who could reconstruct my breast in case the biopsy proved there was a malignancy. After meeting him personally, and reviewing his published book, I felt confident in his hands.

The decision we made was to schedule one surgery to remove the cysts and replace the implants. During surgery they would perform a frozen biopsy and, if the results were good, the new implants would be added. If not, well, I would be closed up and face bigger decisions when I woke up in recovery. Being an optimist, I decided to focus on the new implants. After endless hours on this forum, I decided that I wanted 450cc submuscular anatomical implants. (I wanted to go from a C to a D cup).

I was excited until 12/28/98, the day before surgery. Like many others, I was terrified of surgery and had a hard time staying optimistic. I didn't feel comfortable sharing the gory details but this forum kept me going! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AND MY BA BUDDIES FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! The morning of 12/29 came all too quick. I hardly slept a wink. I was a wreck!!! I finally decided to relax and place confidence in my PS and the top hospital I would be in. After all, I knew that I had done my homework. A few last questions were answered by the anesthiologist and PS before they injected something into my IV that made me very relaxed. Endless weeks of anticipation seemed to be over in a blink.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room with a snug fitting, sleeveless vest. I felt some discomfort but I was thrilled because I knew I had the new implants and that the biopsy was benign. Hurray!!! Due to my circumstances, I expected to be out of commission for at least 10-14 days so I took two weeks off from work. (I have three incisions!) To my surprise, I was using the bathroom the same day and have been up & around the house from Day 2! Each day is better than the previous. I even went shopping (slowly and carefully) & church on Day 5!!

After one week, aside from limitations with lifting and reaching, I was as good as new. My breasts felt real firm and a bit sore, but I'm very happy with the new and improved me!

Week Two: Just tried on a red bikini I had that didn't fit me right, before surgery - WOW!! I can't believe the body I'm staring at in the mirror belongs to me!!! Move over Pamela Anderson!!!

Week Three: I went for a post-op visit with my PS. We're both pleased with the results so far. I pointed out some minor rippling but he's not concerned. He thinks things will change as I soften up. My boobs are still stiff and feel like rocks!. I often wonder if they'll ever soften. The good news is that I'm able to roll slightly onto my side at night which soothes my aching back. (I'm a side sleeper by nature). This effort wakes me from a deep sleep, but I feel it can only help soften me up. Hope I stay this size .... I'm wearing a 36D (though a 34D might fit better). Each day is definitely getting better.

Week Four: I'm proud to say that I'm officially a side sleeper again. I even accidentally rolled onto my stomach (without too much discomfort)! I am feeling a little softer, though I'm still pretty firm. Can't wait to reach the six month mark when I've heard I can expect a bouncy, more natural feel. For now, I'm spending my spare time bra shopping and having fun trying on sexy negligees.

Week Five: I had my last post-op visit with PS until next year. (He took a post-op photo!) We are both real pleased with results....especially the size (I'm a D cup for sure). I realize now that I couldn't have handled anything bigger. (I wouldn't have looked proportionate.) The best part is that all of my clothes still fit. I just fill them out better. I lost a few pounds (I'm now 119 lbs.) and feel that I look my best. I went back to the gym this morning to start toning my butt and thighs. My work out clothes fit better than ever! I must admit that I was a little self-conscious about the stares and comments I heard. So many times I've seen the stares and heard the comments made about other shapely women. It is funny to think they're actually talking about me now! Hmmmm, I just might grow to like this attention!

- Cindy

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