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Chelsea's Story

Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Stories from our Visitors

If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Chelsea's Recovery Story

I had been thinking about having breast augmentation for a long time, but never really thought I would. I just thought it was a dream that would never come true. I am 47 years old and wondered if I was normal, wanting to do this. Believe me, though, this is when life really gets good. I have a wonderful husband and three children and two grandsons; 24 year old daughter, 14 year old daughter, 11 year old son and grandsons, four and two.

The turning point came when I was at my nail appointment and my manicurist had had a breast augmentation. She was very proud of how she had turned out so I started asking her all sorts of questions about it. To my surprise she told me it only cost $3,000 in Utah. I asked about her recovery, how much time she had to be off work, etc. When I asked her where her scars were, to my extreme surprise, she very discreetly reached into her bra and brought out her breast while covering the top of her nipple, only exposing the bottom of her areola where the scar was. You could hardly see it. It still cracks me up thinking that she did that in the middle of a shop full of people. Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about it after that and realized that it could be a reality for me.

My husband was surprised and concerned that I would want to go through this, but once he realized I was serious he was supportive. I told him I was doing this for me, but that he would also reap some benefits from it.

I then started researching. I called about five plastic surgeons and asked them to send me information and brochures. I also started looking on the Internet where I found a lot of information and, of course, Nicole's web site. That is where I found the most valuable information, especially the first-hand stories. I also found my PS on Nicole's site, one recommended by a "fellow forum dweller." He is Dr. Wesley Wilson in the Phoenix area. I went for my consultation as soon as I possibly could and scheduled my BA for two weeks later. My pre-op stats were 5', 127 pounds and 34A. I wanted to be a full C. We decided on 350, round, under the muscle, filled to 400cc's and areola incision. I was so glad that I didn't have to wait 5-6 weeks. My surgery was scheduled for 3/8/99.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist so I made myself a self-hypnosis tape to listen to. It had suggestions for being relaxed the day of surgery, healing quickly, and everything else that goes along with recovering from surgery. I listened to it about every other day. I would have liked to have listened to it more often, but couldn't seem to find the time.

I live in northern Arizona and had to drive down to the Phoenix area for my surgery so we decided to drive down the night before and stay in a hotel. We drove down on a Sunday afternoon, hoping for sunshine so we could lounge by the pool. Unfortunately, the weather was not with us. It was cloudy and rainy.

Day 1 I had to be at the hospital at 9:15am and surgery was scheduled for 10:45. I filled out paper work and they sent me to the lab for blood work. Then I was taken in to the pre-op room where I was told to undress and put on the hospital gown. The nurse there took my temperature, put in an I.V. which she said was just water, salt and sugar. She then took my blood pressure and said it was very low. She asked me if I was relaxed and I told her I was extremely relaxed. I couldn't believe how relaxed I was, I guess the self-hypnosis had worked. She took my blood pressure on the other arm and it was a bit higher, but still low. It wasn't long before my surgeon came in and did his markings. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me a lot of questions and joked around a bit. Then I was wheeled into the operating room. The atmosphere in there was very light and casual which I liked. The anesthesiologist said he was going to start the anesthesia and I would begin to feel it and that it would feel like five minutes later when they woke me up. He was right. I remember saying, I'm going now, goodbye. I'm not sure if all of the words came out or not.

The next thing I knew, the nurse was asking me if I had pain and I said, some. She said she would put some pain medication in my I.V. I seemed to lie there awhile feeling quite groggy, yet fully cognizant of what was going on. My blood pressure was being taken every few moments it seemed. The nurse then helped me to get dressed, put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me out to the waiting room where my husband and kids were waiting. My husband said I looked so out-of-it, I had no expression on my face. I thought I had tried to smile at them, but I guess it didn't come out.

We then drove back to the hotel. I took the Valium the doctor had given me just before bedtime and slept pretty well that first night, propped up on a lot of pillows. I had to see my PS the next day before going home so I was hoping to be able to see him in the morning, but unfortunately he was in surgery most of the day and I couldn't see him until 4:00.

Day 2 I didn't want to pay for another night at the hotel so we asked for a late check-out. Check-out time was 12:00 and they said we could only stay until 12:30. I've stayed in a lot of hotels and have never had a problem getting a later check-out. I had even explained our situation and having to wait to see the Dr. Then I really didn't want to pay them for another night. ( I won't mention names, but their initials are B.W.)

We left the hotel before 12:00 and drove to a park near the Dr.'s office. Luckily, our van has a reclining seat so I was able to relax. I was taking my Percocet and Keflex and just eating saltines. I really didn't feel like eating. I also drank lemon ice Gatorade. Oh, and by the way, by this time I had thrown up about four times so I had my barf bag with me. The park was next to a library and after awhile I felt up to getting out and sitting in the park. The fresh air made me feel better. My husband told me there was a nice area in the library where you could sit and read magazines so we went in and sat for awhile.

Finally it was time to go see the Dr. The nurse took me right in and had me undress from the waist up. She said I looked like I was doing well since some women walk in hunched over on the second day. This was the first time I had looked at my new breasts and it was a bit shocking. They looked quite huge, quite swollen and quite bruised. I had one solid bruise running down the cleavage, a bruise under each nipple and bruises on the sides of each breast. The Dr. came in and examined me. He said I had more bruising than usual and showed me how to massage to help the implants come down into place. He said I didn't need the ace wrap and that felt good to get off. He said to come back in two weeks. Now I had the two hour drive home to get through. It wasn't that bad. I was able to sleep some. It sure felt good to get home. I slept on the recliner, taking the advice of so many from the Forum. I took Valium again before bed to be assured of a good night's sleep.

Day 3 The third day I felt so much better than the first two days. No more nausea and the pain was a lot more tolerable. I still took the Percocet just to be on the safe side. I just relaxed and took it easy. My husband had to go back to work, but my kids were out of school for the week. My son and daughter helped me a lot.

Day 6 This was a Saturday and my daughter's 14th birthday had been Friday. She had a birthday party Saturday night. I had continued to improve every day and by this time I felt normal except for still having to sleep on the recliner. I just couldn't find a comfortable position in bed. I was able to straighten up the house and do some shopping for her party. This night I had to sleep in bed since my daughter's girlfriends were staying the night and would be sleeping in the living room. Needless to say, it was a terrible night for me. I just couldn't sleep and my back was killing me.

Day 8 I called to schedule my two week checkup. I asked the nurse how long it would be before the bruises were gone. They had faded, but were still visible. I was anxious about that because my husband is very squeamish and did not want to see my breasts until the bruises were gone. I respected that and took pleasure when he admired them when I wore a tight knit top. The nurse said they should be gone within a few days and they were, except for one stubborn one under my right nipple. She also said to continue drinking pineapple juice which they had me start drinking two weeks prior to surgery along with the vitamin C. I also asked her about bloating. I hadn't had much of an appetite since the surgery so I was eating small, healthy meals, but when I put on a pair of jeans they were tight around the middle. She said the bloating was normal and would subside within a few days. She was right about that too. When I had come home from surgery, my weight was four pounds up. Two days later when the bloating was gone, my weight was five pounds down. I felt really good about that because I could easily stand to lose five pounds. I have no idea how much the implants weigh. I'll have to ask about that.

I had not scheduled any clients the first two weeks after my BA, but I could have easily seen clients the second week. I was a bit bored. I called clients to check on their progress and did a little marketing. Another thing I did was pull out about five old bathing suits to try on. Boy, what a difference breasts make! They looked so much better on me. I pulled out a few other things to try on that I thought would look better with the new additions. That was fun.

Day 12 Finally, that one bruise is barely visible. It's time for hubby to meet the new additions. I put on a teddy that my oldest daughter had given me (under my flannel pants and big flannel shirt). I lit some candles and the rest is history. He liked them, he really, really liked them! He was gentle with them and they didn't hurt at all. Boy, was that fun.

Day 15 I saw my PS for my two week checkup. The left implant had dropped down into place and the right still seemed higher. When the Dr. examined me he said that they were just about even on the bottom. He pulled out my pre-op picture and pointed out that I was not symmetrical to begin with, my left breast and nipple definitely was lower than the right. I did remember that from when he had measured me, but strangely did not think it was that noticeable looking in the mirror. Boy, I sure could tell when I looked at the picture. So, he told me to stop pushing the left one down and continue pushing the right one down, but that it only needed to come down a little more. If it came down too far, the right nipple would be too high compared to the left one. I point this out, to emphasize that your results do depend on what you started with. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy with my new breasts.

The Dr. also said that I still had some swelling in the cleavage area. My incisions looked good and I was told I could shop for new bras as soon as the right breast had moved down a little more. I needed to see him again in two months.

3 Weeks I started exercising again. I used my treadmill, an ab-roller and some hand weights. Also, after dinner I took a walk with my husband.

4 Weeks My implants have dropped quite a bit, but still have a little further to go. I wear a non-underwire bra once in a while when necessary, but I'm more comfortable without a bra. I think when they soften more I will be more comfortable in a bra.

My new breasts actually are beginning to feel as though they are a part of me. What a great feeling. I can now sleep on my right side, but still have trouble lying on my left side.

5 Weeks I'm finally able to lie on my left side. It's so nice to be able to lie on either side. I also noticed that when I hug my husband, it no longer feels like a couple of soft balls in the way. They have gotten quite squishy.

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- Chelsea

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