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Bianca's Story

Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation Stories from our Visitors

If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!

My plastic surgeon was Dr. Barry Davidson

Diary 7/22

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Did I say thank you? <<grin>> . Eight years ago, I was a full B to small C. Then I lost 25 pounds weight training, becoming a small B. Then I gained nearly 60 pounds with an unplanned pregnancy--and DD breasts! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! Then I lost all but 12 pounds and was reduced to a small B. In 2000, I had non-cancerous masses removed from both breasts. Then in 2001, I gained 35 pounds with my second son, this time "only" getting to a D cup. After I weaned him, and returned to weight training, I went down to...a full A cup. Such a disappointment. I had finally gotten my pre-babies (and pre 30!) body back and my breasts decided to go pre-pubescent on me! I thought about "having them done" but the "shame" of not having "real" ones kept me from looking into it.

But my clothes no longer fit properly and now that they are so small, I do not even fill out my wonderbra anymore! So, in a moment of recklessness, I sat in front of my computer and typed "breast augmentation" in the search engine, and your page came up. Mesmerized, I stayed in my chair for nearly 3 hours (and WELL past my bedtime) pouring over your site. The next day I started "interviewing" surgeons by visiting their sites and comparing techniques and results. Several days and websites later, I made my appointment with Dr. Barry Davidson in Newton Mass and visited your site daily until my consultation visit, which was last Tuesday, July 15th. Dr. Davidson answered what few questions I had (your site answered many of the others) and I decided to go through with the augmentation. My surgery date is in 2 weeks (Aug 7th).

Nicole, I just want you to know that your site has been a huge resource for me. Your personal story and the stories from other women have been informative and comforting---even the stories that tell the flip side. And after reading that you and your hubby have been together since you were 13, I knew I had to write. I met my husband when I was 12 and he was 13! Never knew ANYONE else like us existed!

Anyway, I am rambling. If you'd like, I can journal my experience and take photos if you'd like them for the site. Although this email isn't indicative of my writing, I am a published freelance writer and if you think your visitors could use another story, I will offer mine...even as it's happening now if not, that's ok...I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to build such a wonderful site.

Diary 7/29

I am one week and three days away from my augmentation, and I am nursing a six-day migraine headache caused by TMJ disorder exacerbated by nightly teeth-clenching which is attributed to stress. Of course I KNOW it's all the apprehension over my impending surgery that I am feeling. But that does not help the fact that I can't take my fuerocet (migraine medication---with aspirin) or even Advil...and Tylenol is not even coming close to it. <<sigh>> Of course, I keep telling myself that this pain is nothing compared to what I'll probably feel after the surgery. So, to alleviate the nightly exercise of my jaw, I have been working out like a fiend on the treadmill and free-weights instead. I look at myself in the mirror to check my form when I lift and I can't help but wonder how different I am going to look in 10 days. Ten days.

Diary 8/4

Three days until “B” day! I am still nervous and even think about canceling the appointment. I mean, am I really going to do this? I am not the only one with mixed emotions: I am getting mixed reactions from those in my life. Hubby is the type of guy who is really easygoing and tells me to do whatever I want…either way, he will continue to love me and my breasts. Friends’ reactions are mixed. Most of my friends are c cup or larger so they have no idea what I feel. The few friends who are b cup and smaller are all waiting with bated breath to see the new girls. Then there’s the family: mom is absolutely terrified and my brother thinks it’s more fodder for the ribbing mill, of course, that’s nothing new. I keep trying to focus on other things right now…if I think too much about it I’ll get all worked up.

Diary 8/6

OK…I exercised this morning and all the bills are paid through the 20th. The dinners for the next 2 nights are made and in the fridge for hubby and the boys. Babysitters are lined up for tomorrow; laundry is done, folded, ironed and put away. Floors have been vacuumed, toilets scrubbed, tables dusted, TV’s de-fingerprinted and all the meds have been filled and are standing dutifully on my bedside table. I have nothing else to to do.

And I am going mad.

There is 3 hours’ time that stands between me and my Wednesday-nite waitressing job and I am going insane.

I made good money tonite and stash it in the drawer for take-out should the need arise.

All set. Everything’s done. So I sit on the porch with a cigarette (I know I know, but trust me, it did not taste as good without my Mike’s Hard Lemonade which I had been abstaining from…) and wonder what the hell it is I am doing.

Resigned, I go to bed, pulling a Scarlett O’Hara and vowing I’d think about it tomorrow.

8/7 (written 5 days later)

The day was all planned. I awoke, hubby took charge of the kids, and I went for a full massage (I highly recommend it…sure calmed my hyper butt down) got into the shower, and was at the hospital with time to spare. Which really sucked…the spare time that is. When they finally took us to the prep room and went over my drug allergies it became kinda surreal. Made me feel as if I wasn’t a patient so much as just a bystander. Weird. They drew on me, promised NOT to give me the drugs that would cause a complete neuro shutdown, then IV’d me. I remember that as the anesthesiologist was speaking, all I could think was that she has the whitest teeth I’d ever seen. I thought that I’d have to ask her what she used…But I never got the chance: my ticket was punched and I was in loopy land.

I awoke roughly 2 hours later…and waited for the pain and nausea. The pain was there, but nothing I could not handle. I ate some crackers, drank some ginger ale, got my instructions on how to empty my Jackson Pratts and was on my way home in 90 minutes. And THAT’S when the nausea decided to strike. Thank God I had not eaten all day. So much easier to be sick when it’s all fluids…

8/8-8/11 (same)

Spent these days taking my vicodans regularly and laying in bed. The pain was there…but NOT unmanageable with the meds and fluids and rest. Trust me, having 2 c-sections is A LOT worse. I never once removed the surgical bra. I wanted to…so I could see, but I was afraid to at the same time. I did remove the band for short intervals (no more than 5 minutes at a stretch) and cared for the drains as I was instructed. I also spent a lot of time with bags of frozen peas on my chest (bought for this purpose…) My hubby was a trouper with the kids and washed my hair for me twice and helped me into the shallow baths. This surgery is not something you should do alone…you’ll need help even if you have no children.


I went to see Dr. Davidson today to have the drains and stitches removed. He was very impressed that I looked better in 5 days than most patients do in 2 weeks: minimal swelling on the left side, none on the right and no bruising whatsoever. NONE!!! I work out regularly and I followed all the instructions to the letter, so maybe that’s why. I saw them for the first time. The sagginess I had was also improved with the implants (not something that usually happens he told me) and he was more than pleased with his work. I looked into the mirror and I will admit, so was I! I was given exercises to do to prevent capsular contracture and steri-strips were applied and I was told to let them fall off on their own and do nothing. I was then told to start wearing regular bras after that day…so I went shopping! The freedom to buy bras with no padding was exhilarating. I spent $150 on bras and went home grinning ear to ear. Shower within 48 hours…I cannot wait!


OK Day 2 with no vics and I am cranky! Tylenol does nothing for me. (Sorry, makers of Tylenol) and my beloved Advil is out of the question. I suck it up and resign myself to getting back in the swing. I did some picking up while hubby did the major cleaning and I did my exercises as instructed. The incision sites are itchy and the steri-strips have nearly fallen off (they weren’t supposed to do that for a week). So I applied bandaids that I fashioned (longer pads) by splicing 2 together and covered them with Neosporin.


Still sore…but still sucking it up!


First time “out” with the new girls. Friends that knew were given a peek and they were very full of compliments for Dr. Davidson’s work…they were especially pleased with how natural they look. Perky, but not fake looking (Hey, I *am* 37!) and perfectly proportioned to my frame. I knew and Dr. Davidson knew a full “C” would be perfect.


First day back to work. I waitress and the guys helped with heavy loads (they knew I had day surgery, but have no idea why). My shirts are loose fitting so there’s no obvious change, believe it or not: I wore VERY padded bras then and now I don’t so….A bit sore at the end of the shift. More on the left than the right and that worries me. I took a Tylenol PM so I could sleep well…I am a belly sleeper and this sleeping on the back wakes me constantly.


I woke up this morning…and dare I say it? The soreness and stiffness I have felt every morning was markedly less. REALLY! I am not so sore except at the incision sites (which I still bandage with bandaids and Neosporin since the sites are right where my bra hits (I had crease incisions instead of aereolar)


Woke up on my belly in the middle of the nite…my left breast was screaming “Hello??? I just got beat up 2 ½ weeks ago and you’re sleeping on me!” The left one is still more tender…hell, the right one has no pain except first thing in the AM…but the left one is achy a lot and the left nipple is HYPER-sensitive. Feels like someone is rubbing it with fine sandpaper as my clothes rub it.

I woke up much less stiff each day for the last week and today only was a tiny bit achy in the right and a more achy in the left. I am itchy to return to my weight training regimen…I have been walking every day instead of every other day as I normally do (trying to keep myself toned) and I have lost 4 pounds from my pre-surgery weight. So that tells me I am losing muscle rapidly since you should theoretically gain a pound after surgery.

- Bianca

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