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Beth's Story

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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Breast Augmentation with Donut Breast Lift

My name is Beth and I had my BA on December 3, 1999. I started my BA research in August of 1999 and found out everything I could about breast augmentation. I was SO fortunate to find Nicole's website. How VERY informative. All I could think about was BOOBS, boobs, boobs. I looked at and printed a ton of pictures trying to find a "look" I wanted.

I have been working out very routinely since 1994 and have never had a weight problem but when I started lifting weights 3 days per week and aerobics on the other two days, I lost what breasts I had. I was a small 34b and just missed that perky, fuller look I once had. I had every other part of my body looking the way I wanted but the more I lost body fat, the smaller my breasts were getting. It wasn't something I had to do but something I wanted to do. I DO admit though, I changed my mind many, many times before I actually knew in my mind that I had done all my research and this WAS something I wanted.

When I came to the realization, I knew I wasn't going to change my mind again, I scheduled a consultation in Indianapolis, Indiana with a female surgeon, Dr. Monika Joyner-Wentland that came very highly recommended. She had done many of the dancers in Indianapolis and they swore by her. I had it in my mind at first that I was going to several different consults with different surgeons but when I met her, and her nurse Amy, I was SO comfortable with them. Something just clicked. We ended up having three consultations before I finally decided to set my date for December 3rd (Friday).

THE BIG DAY I wasn't really nervous UNTIL the night before my surgery. The drive in, too, was very nerve-wracking. I had already paid all of my money and was ready to go. My husband and I arrived at the surgery center at 8:00 as my surgery was scheduled for 9:00 and we were told to be there an hour early. We went to the front desk, and finished paying the fees for the surgery center and the anesthesiologist. I was looking good too *smile*. I was wearing my new Victoria Secret tie-string leopard pants and button up matching shirt AND my slip on shoes with white socks.

I DID have make-up on. My nurse had told me I could wear "some" and I was thrilled I didn't have to go in looking like a ghost. My husband, Tom and I had a seat in the waiting room and almost immediately, the nurse called me back. She told Tom he could come back as soon as they had finished getting me all set up. I went back to the pre-op area and went into a little room, after being given a gown and lovely blue cap, and went to the restroom (they asked for a urine sample). I came out and put on the gown (with my undies) and blue cap to put all of my hair back in. I came out and the nurse had me hop on the surgery cot where she got me comfortable and then gave me the IV.

The IV hurt going in but only because the nurse was really rough. A few minutes later, Tom came into the room with me. I was very nervous but very happy to see him too. He held my hand and reassured me. A few minutes later, my surgeon came into the room and said hello and calmed me down by reassuring me. She then proceeded to have me sit up in the bed and she started drawing on my breasts with a marker so she would know just where to make the "lift" and where to position my new breasts.

After she finished, the anesthesiologist came back and talked to me (that is when I asked to have some anti-naseau medication put into my IV). She was very kind and told me that once I got into the surgery room, I would be given a warm blanket and then the IV would be started once everyone had arrived. I had no further questions so Tom left and they wheeled me back into the COLD surgery room. I remember shaking a little bit at this point and just being really nervous.

They put a very warm blanket on me and put my arms out in the shape of a "T" on the operating table. My surgeon's nurse, Amy, came in and held my hand and then I was out like a light. I woke up in the recovery room to some very kind and caring nurses. I really didn't feel too bad (like I thought I would). Yes, I was out of it and the hardest part was waking up from the anesthesia. I remember laying there for awhile and the nurses were putting more morphine into my IV. After another hour passed, I remember starting to wake up and Tom and the nurse were getting me dressed.

I was so glad then that I wore the slip on shoes and easy to get into pants and shirt. It paid off. I felt NO naseau at all. The nurse wheeled me around in the wheel chair to the front door where Tom had the car pulled up to the door and after gently getting me in the car, we were off. I was holding on to my breasts most of the way home because of the bumps. Tom took them as easily as he could but I still felt a lot of them (we live 25 minutes from the surgery center so that wasn't too bad). As soon as I go home, I got a look at them. My surgeon sent me home in a white sports bra so I could see everything she did. I was not high like I thought I might be but I was hard and they looked kind of square. I was not at all depressed because I KNEW going into this that PATIENCE was a KEY and a VIRTUE.

Because I had patience all throughout my recovery, I wasn't stressed out at all. I slept the first week or so in the recliner. I had a table beside the recliner with a flashlight, magazines, my laptop, a few books, the remote control, all of my meds (the flashlight was a BIG help when having to see what I was taking at 2:00 in the morning), and our cordless telephone. I stayed on top of my medications and had NO pain throughout my recovery.

What I did have was a lot of weird feelings (muscle twinges, bubble feelings between my breasts the first few days, pains that came and went as the nerves were healing and for awhile, I had pains when I would bend over and when I laid down at night). When I finally tried to sleep in my bed at around 10 days post, I ended up right back in the recliner. It just hurt to lay straight down. I tried putting pillows under my knees (which did help a little bit) and the way I was finally able to get some sleep in my bed was by stacking a few pillows and laying a bit upright.

I remember coming downstairs one night crying (around 3 weeks post) and telling Tom I wished I hadn't done this because I just couldn't sleep and I was tired of all of the weird pains. He had me take a Vicodin (pain killer) and it did help me sleep. I ended up calling my surgeon the next day (around week 3) complaining because of some strange pains and not being able to sleep. She assured me it was all very normal and it would go away.....Well, it did all go away. I was being patient BUT at the same time, I was tired of not being able to sleep.

With the permission of my surgeon, at week four, I went back to the gym. I tried my step aerobic class but it was too early and my body told me it was too early. My upper body was incredibly sore the rest of that week so I laid off. However, at week five, I tried it again and it went great; no problems at all. At week 6, I was completely back to myself and lifting the same weight I had before my surgery. It took time but I got there. At around 5 weeks, I started using something my surgeon had me order called Kelocote Sheeting Gel to help get rid of the scars around my nipples from the lift. It was inexpensive and it did help.

I am now (first of March, 2000) still wearing the gel sheeting and getting ready for a scar revision in my doctor's office at my six month mark in May to rid my nipple area of the scars that the pulled stitches caused. They are still beautiful and I love them but this will just make them even lovelier. On a separate note, I was able to wear my underwire bras at 3 months post. I still massage at least 3 or 4 times every day vigorously. My saline unders are very soft and bouncy and natural. I have NO regrets. I had 350 Mentor implants overfilled on left to 425 and right to 400. I also went with smooth and round. Thank you Nicole for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful site. Keep up the good work. To all ladies contemplating a breast augmentation, my advice is to do your homework by doing all of your research; know all of the risks and possible complications, and above all, remember PATIENCE. This is a major surgery and the healing doesn't happen overnight. It CAN take 3-6 months before you do your final dropping. It just takes time. I saw the most change between week 4 and 6. After week 3, its fun getting out of bed each morning to see what "new" change you are going to see in your breasts. Everything you need for research is right there at your fingertips, on Nicole's site. I hope I've helped.

Hugs, Beth

- Beth

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  • Incision: Benelli
  • Pre-op Bra Size: 34B
  • Post-op Bra Size: 36C
  • Implants: Saline

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