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If you have already read Nicole's Story, you have a pretty good idea what this section of the website is all about. After several women emailed their breast augmentation stories to us, we thought it would be great to have women share their full-length recovery stories after their breast implant surgeries for everyone's benefit. Thankfully, many women have contributed, some in more detail than others.

Here are the stories of our visitors. Many names have been changed for privacy. Where appropriate, there is detail in parentheses so you can decide if you are interested. Click on a name to read.

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Breast Augmentation in Richmond, VA

My plastic surgeon was Dr. Thomas M. DeWire

I am a 35-year-old mother of three (2 breastfed, 1 adopted older), currently 12 days post-op, who went from an 34A- to a 34D cup, traveled from Texas to Virginia for a fine surgeon doing the Trans-Ax technique, and am thrilled with my new look and fast recovery!

Reading ImplantInfo stories, I was surprised to read reports of easy recoveries with Dr. DeWire's patients and so I read from his website. Dr. D's reasons for preferring the Trans-Ax Technique were enlightening. He doesn't cut any muscle, there are no heavy implants resting on incision sites, the implants are FULLY sub-muscular, the pockets are oversized to reduce CC and keep the breasts supple, no germs from the breast ducts get into the area because they are not cutting in the breast area, and finally (but the least of my concerns) was that there would be no scar on the breast. And because cutting was minimal, recovery appeared consistently fast!

The more I researched, the more I learned that people who were "experts" in the field, who had studied the PS for years, and who obtained redos from top docs frequently traveled to use Dr. DeWire.

I emailed Dr. DeWire some digital pictures of all chest angles, including from my feet while lying flat on my back. Never before did I realize that my chest wall was like an inverted "V", that I had one nipple lower than the other (by 1.5 cm), that my chestwall was asymmetrical (stuck out further on the Left side in the center of my chest), and just had a whole host of complications. But I was unfazed because I knew Dr. D. was going to fix me up. And he did!

Now for the practicalities… Dr. D's office is very familiar working with out-of-town patients. I booked the Homewood Suites by Hilton, just one mile from Dr. D's for $79 a night. The two rooms with full kitchen, recliner, free breakfast and free mid-week dinner made it convenient for recovery!

Preparations: I used 100% shea butter from The Body Shop nightly on my breast/chest skin to soften it up with deep-tissue massage on that whole chest area daily for 6 weeks prior to surgery. I stopped upper body workout two weeks in advance and carefully followed Dr. D's directions to not use any homeopathic meds or certain meds (see his website) for many weeks in advance. I stopped shaving my underarms 10 days pre-op to eliminate potential for infection. I drank water like a fish.

Flight Day - Wednesday! FINALLY, I took a flight to Richmond, the Hampton Inn at the Airport shuttle, and prepared for the consultation the next day. Very exciting!

My "notebook" included a very detailed daily schedule, hotel confirmations, airline confirmations, directions to Dr. D's and the hotel, phone numbers, maps, consultation questions, Excel meds chart, photos, a list of grocery and recovery items to buy, maps to area malls, pharmacies, etc.

Consultation - Thursday: Mom picked me up and we made it early to Dr. D's office. I was just thrilled to finally be there! Everyone in the office was very nice. During the consultation, we took pre-op photos, discussed the size that I wanted to be, and the potential complications for going this size.

Afterward, Mom and I filled prescriptions for antibiotics, Percocet, and anti-nausea suppositories at a nearby Walmart, bought a few food and the frozen peas compresses for the next day, had dinner at

the Homewood Suites, where we had checked in after the consultation, and took before pictures. Fasting after midnight.

Surgery Day- Friday In the morning, I showered and shaved my underarms, as instructed. Still fasting. What an emotional time it is and how in-the-moment!

We arrived by 9:30 am for my 11 am surgery. Janine, my OR nurse was so nice starting the IV, bringing a warmed blanket, and generally being thoughtful and endearing. Dr. DeWire and I agreed that he would aim for a D cup with High Profiles if they looked right using sizers during the surgery.

Dr. Smith, the Anesthesiologist, was also very nice. I asked for some anti-nausea meds and he had already chosen a combination of three that he would use which he said worked well together. Then they put some relaxing meds in the IV and I wobble-walked to the table in a room across the hall. The surgical suite felt just like an MD's office.

I awoke after surgery and checked out how I was feeling… no nausea! Great! Throat doesn't hurt a bit! Tight seatbelt across my chest feeling with a tough time taking breaths, but no worry because I'd expected that. Underarms don't hurt at all. Hey, I feel pretty good!

I was initially very thirsty and cold, but the warm blankets and water handled that quickly. Dr. DeWire told me that he put in 420 and 500 cc's. I must have gotten up, been wheeled out, into car, into hotel (you can go in the side doors, so you're not stumbling stupidly through the lobby!) and by about 2 pm, into the recliner and the Percocet worked from there! Ahhh…

By that evening, I was chatting on the phone with husband, kids, best friend. I was drinking a ton of water, but none seemed to need to come out and I finally forced myself to go to the bathroom. Interesting having no urge to go, when I obviously had to! Maybe it was from the anesthesia.

Now I did learn later that Percocet is what stops the bowels from moving. But when you drink lots of water and eat leafy foods after you're off the Percocet, things rev back up like their supposed to. Stool softeners and glycerin suppositories didn't work at all. No need to bother if still on Percocet.

Post-Op One: Saturday By morning one post-op, I could take a shower, wash my hair without problem (tight, but not painful), and we went down for breakfast. By 9 am we were at Dr. D's for a follow up. Massage didn't hurt a bit, but then, I believe the pre-BA massage helped prepare my tissues A LOT. I had no skin tightness or muscle tenderness, but some muscle stretching across the sternum. The incisions never hurt, but the end of the stitches would poke me and I eventually trimmed some of the ends off.

If I hurt anywhere, it was on the lower side of the breasts. That weird feeling kept me near the Percocet. Could I have gone to only Advil by the first Post-Op day? Probably, but then, I had nothing to do but take Percocet, sleep, eat… it was nice to be on vacation! Haha!

We went shopping after the Consultation to Victoria Secrets for some new bras. 34D! The bras look huge, but with my sloping chestwall, I think I look like a full C, and a D is definitely full.

And they are just perfect shapes. Whereas my nipples were previously pointing off to the sides, now they point straight ahead. Where they were not aligned, the nipples are now even. 420 High Profiles, filled to 420 in the Left breast and overfilled to 500 in the Right breast to counteract for all my chestwall and breast tissue asymmetries. And they look GREAT!

Mom and I went to Short Pump Mall (gorgeous new outdoor mall) for dinner and shopping, just a great time! I felt terrific! And this is Day ONE! Dr. D. cuts very, very little. Other than the incision site, he LIFTS the tissue and pec muscles to put in the implant. He doesn't cut the muscle attachers. There is very little to bleed, hurt or require healing.

Post Op Day 2 - Sunday The following day, Sunday, Mom headed home and my best friend arrived. We napped, went out for a fabulous dinner at Hondo's, relaxed, called our families (take a phone card), checked email on the computers off the lobby, and talked. It was like a fun slumber party!

Post Op Day 3 - Monday My second and final follow-up with Dr. DeWire was at Noon the next day, Monday. Dr. DeWire was pleased that I was so happy with the beautiful results. Then my friend and I had lunch, shopped, she dropped me at the airport, and following a 3 hour flight, I was home!

Costs: I spent $360 for the Homewood Suites hotel. Using hotel points and Frequent Flier miles, my travel costs were minimal. Was it worth it to go someplace out of town for a great surgeon? Yes indeed! And I had a great time doing it. It was very exciting to fly off by myself on a great adventure.

Home Again- Monday Night I slept in a recliner in the bedroom until post-op Day 6. At 9 days post I was drying off my minivan after the car wash. How amazing to be working out at 2 weeks post-op! I really started to feel "normal" when I stopped the Percocet on Day 5 Post-Op. Bruising was gone by Day 10, upper pole fullness is diminishing (though I love the High Profiles!), and the aching in the morning is lessening.

For 3 weeks I'll wear an underwire bra 24/7 to set the lowered Left crease and to support the side fascias. I massage several times daily to keep the pocket open, which doesn't hurt at all.

As for size, shape and recovery, I could not be any happier. With Dr. D's success of zero infection in out-of-town patients and very few problems which are typically evident at the time of surgery, the follow up typically does not require extended trips.

All in all, I am AMAZED at how smoothly the recovery went, how great my breasts look, how happy I am that I came out a 34D, and how great a surgeon and person I think Dr. DeWire is! It was one of the best experiences of my life and I am thrilled with the outcome.

Thanks to everyone on ImplantInfo for the information, support and encouragement! I hope this helps someone as your stories did for me.

- Anonymous

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  • Age: 35
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