Smooth Round Breast Implants

Photos courtesy of: Richard M. Levin, M.D., Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)

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Front View Before Before Breast Enlargement
Front View Before Before Breast Enlargement

Front View After Breast Enlargement
Front View After Breast Enlargement

  • 21 Years Old
  • 5’ 6
  • 123 lbs.
  •  A -C/D
  • Mentor Smooth Round Saline, 350-1460, 450 cc
  • Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Submuscular, Transaxillary Incision
This 25 year old female patient had a breast augmentation procedure done for her by plastic surgeon Dr. Richard M. Levin of Lancaster, PA. The 21 year old woman was curious about the options she could take to increase her current breast size so she set up a consultation with Dr. Levin. Dr. Levin used 450cc saline based breast implants for his patient, placing the breast implant beneath the muscle. Her breast enhancement surgery went very well and she is happy with her new breast implants. Thanks to Dr. Levin she is now a more confident young woman with her new breasts!

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