A Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation
and Breast Implants

Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Donald Revis from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FL)

A Perfectionist!
"I had my BA on January 24, 2003 by Dr. Don Revis in Ft Lauderdale, FL. He was wonderful. A professional and a perfectionist. Many physicians just see you as another patient. Dr. Revis sees you as a person."
   - Anonymous

Overall All A Wonderful Person!
"I chose Dr.Revis becauseI liked his overall caring personality. I like a doctor with a bedside manner. He truly cares. His technique is wonderful. I had minimal pain. A lot less than I expected and nothing compared to childbirth like I have read. I am 2 days post op now and I feel great but trying to rest anyway to not overdo it.

Dr.Revis walked me through this whole thing. He answered every question and emailed me back every single time. I highly recommend him!!! So far I haven't any reason not to refer him clients and I don't think I will. His staff is amazing! I had 350 implant filled to 440. I did areola incision and he lowered my crease a bit. He did an outstanding job from what I can see at 2 days post. Thanks for recommending him, please share this with anyone who may be considering him! -Cathy"
   - Cathy

They Look Natural, Real And Feel Soft!
"I wanted to take this time to tell everyone what a "wonderful" job Dr. Donald Revis has done w/ my breast enhancement. Although it's only been 3 weeks today that I had my surgery you can already tell that they are the most beautiful breast you've ever seen.

I was very hesitant when having this surgery because I had breast enhancement about 2 years ago with a different doctor and I hated my breast the week following surgery. They were deformed w/ a huge lump on top that made me look like a wrestler. I kept asking Dr. Revis questions about my concerns and he was there everytime w/ an answer to ease my insecurity. He is the most patient and understanding doctor and his staff is "GREAT". I highly recommend him for any plastic surgery - especially breast enhancement (since i can back this up). They look so natural and real and soft - INCREDIBLE!!!! I even told my boss here at work that I was going to cut off holes on front of every jacket i owned to expose my pretty breast!!! Seriously, Dr. Revis and his staff were great."
   - Anonymous

My Breasts Look Beautiful!
"I choose Dr Revis to be my doctor. He was a wonderful doctor. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. I not once ever felt rushed. And he made my breasts look beautiful! I am so happy with my results. His staff was great also. I would definently recommend Dr. Revis to anyone considering plastic surgery. He does amazing work! -Jessica (425cc s,r,u,cr)"
   - Jessica

Thanks For The Cleavage!
"My name is Angel and I am 30-years-old. I wanted to write this testimonial to share my experience with those seeking information and/or considering breast augmentation.

For the past ten years I have been researching the subject, the pros and the cons. February 2004 my number finally came up. I traveled from NYC to South Florida. I trip I will never forget or regret. While I was still in NYC I developed a relationship with the office manager Suzanne. Being that Suzanne was the very first person that I had contact with, she should be mentioned In this e-mail. It should be said that she was friendly, kind informative professional and warm. (You don't get a second chance for a first impression.)

After arriving to Dr. Revis office I was greeted with kindness and warmth (and it was not the Florida sun, but the office staff). Within a few minutes I was to meet Dr. Revis the man who has made my 10-year long dream a reality. I will never forget Dr. Revis for more than just obvious reasons. First of all, when he first entered the room, all you could see was his comforting huge smile. Upon walking through the door it was as if his eyes said, I'm here to make everything better. I can't emphasize enough just how much his smiling demeanor set the mood. It was great. Another reason I will not forget Dr. Revis, I was trying on different size implants, you know checking myself out in the mirror. I remember trying on an awesome size and saying "I wish" as cool as he could be he turned his head and said "you will tomorrow." He was correct.

The morning of the surgery, I was anxious, excited but I knew it was going to be fine. Shortly, after being "prepped" Dr. Revis came in with his illuminating smile. I will never forget the little things. He came with a large paper clip to hold the curtain completely closed. May not sound like a big deal, but it's comforting to know that the doctor that is about to change your life, is so detailed oriented that he remember a paper clip on his way to surgery.

After, surgery I was in a bit more pain than I anticipated, that lasted a good 4-5 days. By the time the "swelling" went down, and the implants fell completely into the breast pocket I was the new owner of sexy cleavage and beautiful breast. I have zero regrets and am 110% pleased. Scaring is very minimal. Clothes fit so much better. I love the new bounce in my breast. If you're considering breast augmentation, Dr. Revis is the doctor. My slogan for Dr. Revis is:

DR. Revis thanks for the cleavage! -Angel"
   - Angel

Great Doctor And Staff!
"I am so happy with my decision to go to Dr.Revis for my surgery. I was always very comfortable with him and his staff. They took very good care of me throughout the entire procedure.My results are fantastic!"
   - Anonymous

Well Worth It!
"I wanted to write and let you know how great of a doctor that Dr. Revis in Fort Lauderdale is. I have waited three months post-op to do this testimonial. I just want everyone out there to know that is considering breast augmentation that it is fabulous. I was made to feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process. I will admit, I had major discomfort for about three to four days and then it seemed to subside. I would do it over again in a minute knowing the pain and seeing the results.. IT WAS WORTH IT!!! I have had many friends that have also went to Dr. Revis and none of us would ever say that it was the wrong decision. Dr. Revis has made EVERYONE I know that has seen him look exactly how they wanted to look, "PERFECT"!!!
Thanks Dr. Revis! -Emily"
   - Emily

I Would Recommend Him To Anyone!
"live in Wisconsin, but flew to have my ba surgery done in Florida by Dr Don Revis Jr. I was a little worried about flying to another state. What if there were complications? But I have to say, I have NO regrets except that I waited so long to do it. I am currently 6 weeks post op and everything is not only great, but he has answered every e-mail and phone call promptly and gladly to answer any and all questions. (And I had a lot) I have recommended him to friend in Florida who is now getting a ba and never thought she would. I have also told others he worth flying there for. Besides his precision and knowledge, I am mostly impressed with his comforting mannerism. Hes a wonderful surgeon and I would recommend him to ANYONE! I did research before choosing him, and I know I made an excellent choice! -Paula"
   - Paula

Rewarding Experience
"Dr. Revis and his knowledgeable staff are extremely professional and caring. I recommend his services every chance I get. The entire rewarding experience went smoothly and I was well informed about the procedure and what to expect throughout the whole process. Dr. Revis and his staff exceeded all of my expectations. -Stacy G."
   - Stacy G.

Have Never Regretted My Decision
"I have breast augmentation surgery one year ago with Dr. Don Revis in Fort Lauderdale, and I would love for you to share with anyone looking for a surgeon how wonderful of an experience I had. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Revis. From my initial consultation, to now, 1 year post-op, it has been a great experience. I went to several consultations and my decision practically made itself. There was no question in my mind, after I left his office who I was going to choose. We discussed me and my expectations and he treated me as an individual rather then "another patient." I didn’t feel pressured or rushed in any way. I had so many questions and concerns about the procedure and the details and Dr. Revis answered all of my questions thoroughly and assuringly.

I am first, 110% happy with the results; I feel that they are perfect. The size and shape are perfect for my body and I have virtually no scars. I was very unsure about the size and we discussed the results I wanted and they are exactly what I wanted, I have had people tell me that they didn’t believe they aren’t natural. But beyond that, he and his staff are just amazing. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I was so comfortable that I was not even nervous going into surgery. I have never regretted my decision for a moment and I have and would recommend him to anyone considering breast surgery. Dr. Revis is just amazing!!!! Thank you! :) -Dannielle"
   - Dannielle

Wonderful, Talented Surgeon
"I want to take the time to thank Dr. Revis who is an amazing surgeon - I would recommend him to everyone. He is as nice a person as he is a wonderful and talented surgeon. I am thrilled with my results and could not have wished for a better staff and doctor! Thank you!"
   - Anonymous

Dr. Revis Made Me Feel Confident!
"Hi! I wanted to submit a testimonial for Dr. Revis and his staff. I want to state first that the staff were truly a pleasure to work with. They were courteous, knowledgeable and made me feel very confident in my decision to have plastic surgery. Dr. Revis, most importantly, was extremely professional. While everyone is nervous about surgery, Dr. Revis was very gentle and would explain everything with ease and confidence. I relocated from Dallas to Fort Lauderdale, researched Dr. Revis, set up a consultation and booked my surgery immediately! I did not shop around, I had complete faith in his history of surgery, his extensive education and again his professionalism that I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Revis was also wonderful on the day of surgery, which took place in an outpatient facility. The staff who participated in the surgery were very thorough. I met everyone whom was in the surgery room prior to the surgery which helped my eased my anxieties. Afterwards, I followed up a few times with Dr. Revis at his practice, which by the way is a beautiful office, and everything is healing well! I'm now at the 3 month mark and I will return for a check up in a year from now. In the meantime, if any questions arise, I can send Dr. Revis an email and he'll follow up with any inquiry immediately. Thank you again to his staff and especially Dr. Revis, you are truly gifted! -Jacqueline"
   - Jacqueline

Very Knowledgeable
"I am a 59 year old breast cancer survivor from Cape Coral, Florida. 5 months after a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders, I received silicone implants. Unfortunately, many of the possible risks that I was informed of were manifest. Most important - the implants were placed too far apart and too much under the armpits - months of physical therapy failed to eliminate the discomfort. The implants were too small, too flat, and appeared to be different sizes. They only filled the empty space left from the mastectomy and my appearance in clothes was flat chested.

Soon the skin around the implants became hard, contracted, with some rippling. 5 months after the surgery, I was told the implants would fall into place and to wait. I contacted another surgeon who gave the same advise.

Frustrated, I was fitted for a silicone prosthesis with a bra that held the forms. My appearance was restored, but the discomfort in my armpits and the tightness in my chest continued. By this time, I wanted answers! 1) was it the surgeon? 2) was it the implants? 3) was it my body? (thin tissue flaps)

I found the answer on-line with Dr Don R. Revis, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida who explained implant problems. He responed to my email with a free consult. My experience with Dr Revis exceeded all my expectations - appearance, symmetry, placement, comfort, implant size and shape (pear shaped luminara), bedside manner, surgery. You see, cancer patients bring their own set of risks including trouble healing. Reconstruction revisions can be difficult. Dr. Revis was willing to work through these issues with a positive result and upbeat attitude.

Please understand - it's all about the surgeon who should work with you to determine the implant and address your unique individual characteristics. His office staff have the same upbeat attitude and enjoy working with Dr Revis. During your wait in Dr Revis's office you are likely to hear other patient's compliment his work.
-Lu Lu"
   - Lu Lu

Incredible Doctor!
"I had such a great experience with my Breast Augmentation from the first time I contacted the office through the post op follow up visits. My surgery date was 7/21/06 and I couldn't be happier.


The staff is very professional, courteous and highly knowledgeable. I called several times with questions and had gone back 3 or 4 times before I even scheduled my surgery to try on sizes, ask questions, etc and not once did I feel that I was a bother.

Dr. Revis made me feel comfortable from the minute I met him. The second he walked in the door, I KNEW he would be my surgeon. He is an awesome doctor and I have had awesome results.

I had contacted other surgeons in the area prior to finding Dr. Revis.I was simply trying to make consult appointments, but I felt so un-important. One office (who shall remain nameless), the office staff could not "stop laughing" long enough to even take my name. I thought, if they are this un-professional on the phone, how would they be in person, or after the surgery?

I am so glad I waited until I found such a wonderful doctor. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Revis.

Again, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. REVIS to ANYONE seeking a Breast Augmentation surgery.

I am only 2 months post-op and I have a great results already. My scars are almost gone and I look so natural. I love my new body!! I can only imagine how wonderful I will look in another couple months."
   - Nanette

Warm And Friendly Atmosphere
"For many years I have wanted a breast augmentation and started looking for surgeons seriously in March of 2006. Being from Grand Cayman I knew that I would have to find a surgeon internationally and knew I wanted the surgery done in Florida. I started searching surgeons online and came across Dr. Don Revis's site. What caught my interest in him was his testimonials from his patients. They were all very pleased with the work that he had done, his ethics, and mannerisms.

After many other searches of surgeons within the Florida area, I decided to go with Dr Revis as I felt like I would be comfortable with him doing the surgery. I made sure I checked out everything about him and I found many good reviews. I called his office and the nurses were great too, Giovanna and Karen are just wonderful!! Within a couple months I was in Florida, met with Dr Revis and was in having the surgery. My recovery time was great, and for someone who has never had surgery in their life, Dr Revis made me feel very comfortable, with no worries. The post surgery appointment went very well, again Dr Revis was very kind and his nurses are just so warm and friendly. I highly recommend Dr Revis to anyone who is looking for a surgeon. -Nadine"
   - Nadine

I Went Back For My Second BA With Dr. Revis!
"I had augmentation done with Dr. Revis in 2003. I found him professional, thorough in explaining the procedure & the different types of implants. I liked his before & after pictures showing the results of his work & the methods he used of placing the implant.

In 2006, I decided to go a little bigger & went back to Dr. Revis again. I could not be more pleased. My implants look completely natural (no defined edges), they are a soft teardrop shape & nipple sensation was not affected. I had the incision under the breast. -Sharon"
   - Sharon

Higly Recommended!
"My name is Tiffany and this is my testimonial for Dr. Don Revis, Jr. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I have had two breast augmentations with Dr. Revis. My first was 3 years ago with Saline implants and I recently had them done again with Silicon. I recommend Dr. Revis to everyone that complements my implants. He is very professional, very nice, and does great work. -Tiffany Burich"
   - Burich, Tiffany

So Happy With The Outcome!
"I could not have had a better experience than what I had with Dr. Donald Revis and his staff at South Florida Plastic Surgery for my breast augmentation. I was referred to Dr. Revis through a friend and am so happy I listened to her. Dr. Revis is friendly, easy to talk to and answered all of my initial questions. I never once felt pressured into a larger or smaller implant size. Dr. Revis explained my options and went through the difference between the implants thoroughly so I could make a more informed decision. He took my body type into consideration and told me what he thought the best options would be for me, but ultimately left the decision in my hands (no pressure).

Following my initial appointment the office staff was there to answer any additional questions I had. They were very thorough with my "fitting", allowing me to try the implant sizes on multiple times and making what could have been an uncomfortable appointment fun. After my initial fitting and choice of size I started to have second thoughts, ("should I go a little bigger, was I going to big") and when I called the office they listened without trying to sway my decision, kind of "talking me off the ledge". The office staff handled all of my scheduling with the hospital very professionally and answered any questions I had quickly and courteously. Dr. Revis' staff really added to my overall augmentation process and I can not say enough kind words about them to give them credit.

I am SO HAPPY with my breast augmentation that I excitedly tell people about Dr. Revis, his work and his staff anytime I am asked. I am 100% satisfied with my results and would highly recommend his to any of my friends. I feel fabulous! -Julia"
   - Julia

Simply The Best
"Because I was a real challenge as a patient & because I had such high hopes & expectations, I needed a master plastic surgeon. Dr. Donald Revis is simply the best, and I’m so glad I picked him.

Before his surgery, I was a 60 year-old woman (who lost over 100 pounds) with miniscule, uneven breasts and saggy skin. I’m still 60, but I look 10 years younger. Dr. Revis gave me firm, beautiful symmetrical breasts. They look and feel completely natural because they’re in perfect proportion to my petite, toned body.

Now I not only look great in clothes, I also look great naked! I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Revis. I’m very grateful to him for giving me the body of my dreams. -M.L.

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   - M.L.

Amazed With The Results!
"I am writing to recommend my plastic surgeon, Dr. Don Revis J.R. of Fort Lauderdale, FL, to anyone looking to have breast augmentation surgery or a breast augmentation revision. After extensive research on surgeons and breast augmentation revision, I chose Dr. Revis to do my revision because of his expertise and his innovative technique to prevent bottoming out of the implant, called the "internal bra". While almost every other surgeon told me that I would have to have a breast lift, Dr. Revis really listened to what I wanted and respected the fact that I did not want the scarring. He worked with me to find the solution that would be right for me and because of him, I avoided having to have a scarring breast lift and I am amazed with the results. They look exactly how I have always wished they could look. Throughout the whole process, Dr. Revis and his staff were so nice and patient. I must have called the office a hundred times and every time, they were just as helpful, friendly, and accessible. They always called me back and answered all of my questions and really worked around my schedule for follow-up appointments. I thank Dr. Revis and his staff for all that they have done for me!

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   - Anonymous

Extremely Positive Life Altering Experience
"I chose Dr. Revis, in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

I have had an extremely positive life altering experience with him & his staff. I had about 1000 questions. Dr. Revis answered every one of them. Also, he really did respond to my e-mails! Not only is he a wonderful doctor, his staff and the women I directly interacted with were professional and exceptional.

If I ever have another procedure done I would chose Dr. Revis & I would encourage anyone to seek him out, he is worth it. -Rachel C."
   - Rachel C.

Petite Frame
"Dr. Revis and his staff are professional and polite, they are the best! I traveled from Montreal to have him do my implants and I am so glad I did. Also, since I’m petite, my main concern was proportionality, my breasts look awesome and natural on me!. I had a great recovery and very little pain. He is extremely delicate and great at answering my entire questions. I DEFINITELY recommend this team! Breast Augmentation was the best decision of my life. -Caroline"
   - Caroline

My New Breasts Look Great!
"My time with Dr. Revis and his staff has been outstanding!! Dr. Revis is a kind and friendly man who knows what he is doing. After having two children 15 months apart and breast feeding them both I was very unhappy with my chest. After years of research I came across Dr. Revis. I meet with him and knew I had found a great doctor. Before surgery I was so nervous but he and the staff at Broward General were amazing! Before you knew it I was out of surgery and on my way home. I was walking around and feeling great the same day. My incision area is invisible and my breast look GREAT! I highly recommend Dr. Revis to anyone who is looking for a surgeon. I wouldn't change a single thing with my surgery experience. Dr. Revis is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about you and your body! Trust me and most of all trust him!!"
   - Anonymous

Great Experience!
"Hello. I am 26 years old and have been a 34A my whole life. After years of research I finally decided to get a breast augmentation. This was the best decision I've ever made in my life! As soon as Dr. Revis walked into the consultation I immediately felt comfortable. He was pleasant, educated, and patient. His staff was also very nice and informative. The surgery went great! I had no bruising and very little pain. I would recommend Dr. Revis to anyone who is considering a breast augmentation. The results are amazing! This is the best decision I've ever made. Thank you, Dr. Revis!"
   - Anonymous

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