A Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation
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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Grover from Los Angeles, California (CA), Newport Beach, California (CA)

I Got Specifically What I Asked For!
"I had my BA on July 27. I probably set my doctor, Dr. Sanjay Grover in Newport Beach, CA, for major failure, as personally, I don't like the majority of BAs I see (and in Orange County, I see a lot!). I gave him a stack of photos of results I didn't want, as well as a few that I did. I am pleased as punch to report that not only did I get specifically what I asked for, I think I may have some of the prettiest breasts on the planet! Dr. Grover made a masterpiece out of breasts that were once deflated and beaten down by the breastfeeding years. Now I'm perky -- but not too perky. The shape and volume are just amazing. I am so much more in proportion with the rest of my curves. My husband suspects that most would not guess that I even had a BA; they'd just think I was naturally "gifted" in that department! Anyway, I just wanted to say that Dr. Grover was an excellent listener, which seems to be a big part of the process. The result has been spectacular, with no rippling, uneveness or "frankenboobies." I looked great from Day One and continue to look even better day by day! -Penny"
   - Penny

Caring And Comforting Physician
"I had breast augmentation done on August 26, 2004 with Dr. Sanjay Grover in Newport Beach - and I'm thrilled with the results!!! He is absolutely one of the nicest, informative, caring and comforting physicians anyone will ever meet. My husband and I knew immediately at the July consultation that Dr. Grover would perform my BA - he thoroughly explained everything - and we had very few questions to even ask! The only decisions I needed to make were size and type of implant (I qualified for the FDA approved study of silicone gel implants). Having done a lot of research - I opted for silicone and went for a small C-cup size wise. The surgery was a breeze! I did not have any bruising and very little swelling - and I only needed 4 prescription painkillers!!! My surgery was on a Thursday - I was out walking with my husband on Saturday - and I went back to work (office) on Tuesday. I know that everyone is unique in their recoveries - and I feel fortunate - but the credit really goes to Dr. Grover's talent! I would highly recommend him! -Jane (under, nipple, silicone)"
   - Jane

Love My Results!
"I recently had breast augmentation with Dr. Grover on October 7, 2004. Although I did research regarding the surgery itself, it did not prepare me for the process of finding a doctor. To start, I asked many of my friends and acquaintances if they could refer a doctor. Unfortunately, at the end of the day all I had was a long list of doctors, which included Dr. Grover. Finally I spoke with another friend and also to a Mentor Implant rep., both who recommended Dr. Grover. Out of my long list of doctors, he was the only doctor that was referred more than one time. I consulted with Dr. Grover along with two other doctors. The personality differences were very apparent in the initial consults. Although qualified, the other two doctors were much more abrupt and aggressive. Additionally, the other doctors were more expensive and I was left waiting in the lobby for long periods of time. Just the opposite of my experience with Dr. Grover. I chose Dr. Grover because he has a very gentle, kind demeanor. I also like the fact that he is meticulous and precise. I knew he would be that same way when I was knocked out on the operating table – and that comforted me. When I awoke from my surgery, it was Dr. Grover’s voice I heard, not a nurse’s. As for recovery, I had heard my share of horror stories – none of which were true in my case. I had little to no discomfort and was up walking around the same night. I didn’t have very much swelling and I had no bruising unlike what I have seen in many post opp photos. And as for the size and shape, they are perfect. The one on one time I have received from Dr. Grover both before and so far after my surgery has been extremely helpful during the entire process. My compliments to him for his amazing talent and for being such a thoughtful, genuine person! If you are considering breast augmentation (or any other plastic surgery), I would highly recommend that Dr. Grover is top on your list of doctors to consult with. -Heather (Age 32, size A to C, under muscle, nipple incision, round, saline, regular profile)"
   - Heather

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