A Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation
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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean S. Younai from Encino, California (CA)

Well Respected Plastic Surgeon
"My PS is Dr. Sean Younai of Encino, CA and I found him through your site. You had e-mailed me saying you met him last year and was a very nice man and well respected among his peers. I'm really happy that I chose him because he is such a caring and personable PS, as well as his entire staff! Not only was it great that he had 16 years of experience and knowledge under his belt, but communicated very well with me.

He made me feel very comfortable about the entire procedure because he was completely competent and understanding. His office is immaculate, which was reassuring to me. Cleanliness counts big time! He reiterated so many times to please call him any time if I had a question because that's what he's there for and he wants all his patients to know that. During my early recovery I did call him worried about my gauze dressing and later on about my spitting stitches. He was very professional and graciously answered my frantic phone calls to him.

I'll be four months post-op on July 2nd and all is well. My 36C's are looking pretty good!!

Keep up the great work Nicole"
   - Anonymous

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