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Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Silverstein from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)

Caring Plastic Surgeon
"I am writing to recommend Dr. Paul Silverstein who is a sponsor of this web-site. He is very professional, and yet caring. His staff is extremely helpful and they take the time to explain things to patients and answer their questions. They are committed to helping you look and feel your very best.

Dr. Silverstein is extremely qualified (look at his credentials) and makes a moral commitment to his patients to see them through the entire process of a BA or any plastic surgery that he performs. He also tries to make sure that they are happy during each step of the process. He sees many patients from out of town and out of state. His reputation definitely precedes him, as he even has a major hospital burn center named after him. The surgical suite where he performed my BA was just like a hospital and they made sure that I was comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Silverstein. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
Sincerely, Stefanie"
   - Stefanie

Wonderful Surgeon and Artist
"I recently had my second surgery with Dr. Silverstein. I had my original BA in 1991 and was very satisfied with everything from consultation, surgery, *results*, and the following years of post-op care.

I am one of the rare patients who developed bilateral capsular contracture. Although we can only speculate on the causes of this, one of the reasons for my CC may have been due to a breastfeeding infection I developed while breastfeeding my last child. I also had wisdom teeth removed around the same time (no antibiotics), and although it is all theory, this is my experience. Most women who choose to breastfeed with implants never experience this problem. I would choose to do it all over again because the benefits derived from nursing my children far outweigh any negatives.

Dr. Silverstein performed a capsulectomy and replaced my implants after almost 9 years. Not only is he a wonderful surgeon, but he is also an artist. He has a wonderful staff who thoroughly prepared me for this 2nd surgery which was more involved than the original. I am now 8 weeks post-op and feeling great.

During the years since my BA in 1991 there have been many stories in the media regarding the safety of silicone breast implants. Quite naturally when we choose this surgery we have concerns of our own anyway. I have always felt free to call Dr. Silverstein's office with my questions because his staff has always taken my concerns seriously. I cannot say enough about these people----they are wonderful.

Sincerely, Dawn"
   - Dawn

Impressive Dr. Silverstein
"I am 7 days post-op and had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation done by Dr. Silverstein in Oklahoma City. I was very impressed with him and his office. They were all very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. If you are looking at him for you surgery then I would definitely recommend him. I have silicone implants placed over the muscle and they look great already."
   - Anonymous

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