Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeons Dr. James E. Murphy, Dr. Gareth W. Strand (retired) from Reno, Nevada (NV)

Great Breast Augmentation
"Dr. Strand,

Thank-you for your amazing work. I came to you on such high recommendations and I will continue to highly recommend you. Without much time or consulting, you gave me a beautiful set of breasts and an increase in my self esteem. Thank-you for your time and talent."
   - Anonymous

Great Experience
"I want to thank Dr. Murphy and his staff for making my surgery go so smoothly. First of all, I am extremely pleased with the overall results. I was looking to shed some years without changing my look and we succeeded very well. The staff throughout the orientation, during the procedure, and after, took a personal interest in how I was doing. They positively reinforced me every step of the way. I am thoroughly pleased with the entire experience. Any further enhancements will definitely be done by Dr. Murphy and his outstanding staff."
   - Anonymous

Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
"Some of the surgeons I saw said it couldn’t be done. The surgeons who did my radical mastectomy left my chest in a terrible state. Then I made an appointment with Dr. James Murphy and immediately I like him. He has a great bedside manner, cheerful, encouraging and supportive. He told me “yes” that I was candidate for breast reconstruction. He showed me pictures of his results and immediately I knew I could trust him. The whole experience was amazing and I am very happy and delighted with the results. My new breast looks excellent, natural, full, size, the shape I wanted and there is hardly any scaring. Dr. Murphy is an excellent surgeon who can be trusted with his amazing abilities. I would encourage any patient to submit to his care and feel comfortable know he is going to do a wonderful job with his talents. I speak from my personal experience and it was a good one. Dr. Murphy is an excellent surgeon, I highly recommend, and has improved the quality of my life."
   - Georgette
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