A Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation
and Breast Implants

Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Gryskiewicz from Burnsville, Minnesota (MN), Edina, Minnesota (MN)

I Love Dr. Gryskiewicz
"From beginning to end, my experience with breast implants and with Dr. Gryskiewicz has been nothing short of amazing. If you are planning to have surgery, make sure to check out Dr. Gryskiewicz. I cannot say enough about my experience with his practice. And, I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!"
   - Allie

Short Recovery, Great Results!
"I found Dr. Joe on ImplantInfo.com the summer of 2002. Had my surgery last Dec. and have been very pleased. Last week I had my yearly check up and my Dr. ask who did my implants he told me he has never seen a nicer job. I did what Dr. Joe told me to do and the recovery was very short. I have only good things about Dr. Joe he is the greatest. -Linda"
   - Linda

No Regrets At All!
"I had my BA in August with Dr. Joseph M. Gryskiewicz in Minneapolis, MN.I got smooth, round, under, saline implants filled to 425cc. I am 5'2 and I weight 115pounds. I am a 34C now from a 32 AA.... He is amazing, I had read many Post-op stories that scared me a lot...I had no bruises anywhere in my body...and my breasts looked perfect an hour after surgery...I had read that they might looked scary the first couple of days....I could see that they were too hard but they looked gorgeous from day 1. The attention was amazing and I was out of the operating room within an hour. I would recommend Dr Joseph to every woman; he was great and I did not even have the blues....it was painful though for exactly seven days but did not regret it one minute! -Josi"
   - Josi

So Happy With My Results!
"I located my PS through ImplantInfo.com and so far have been very pleased. I went with Dr. Joseph Gryskiewicz from Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery who is located in Burnsville, MN. I had my BA October 10th and everything went smoothly. I especially liked the fact that we didn't get hung up on "Cup" sizes or CC's but rather I found a picture of how I wanted to look and achieved my results that way. Dr. Joe and his staff were all so nice and easy to work with. The outpatient surgery center that he uses was also great. Everyone was so caring and did a great job making me feel very comfortable. -Sabrina"
   - Sabrina

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