A Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation
and Breast Implants

Reviews of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeons Dr. Scott R. Brundage, Dr. Douglass Leppink, Dr. Benjamin Rechner from Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI)

Very Pleased With CPS Grand Rapids
"Thank you for all your tender care and patience. It has been greatly appreciated. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!"
   - Anonymous

Very Impressed With Dr. Brundage
"I was very impressed with the initial consultation. It was nice to wear the gown only during the physical examination. The website Dr. Brundage gave me was very helpful. I know three women, all in my age group, that had surgery with Dr. Brundage. Every one of them said wonderful things about the doctor and the entire staff. Thanks for everything!"
   - Anonymous

Dr. Leppink Was Wonderful!
"There are not enough ways to express the "thank you" for being so kind. This has come at a time in my life when I needed this so badly. You are a kind and considerate man, Dr. Leppink. May all the best come your way. Thank you for everything."
   - Anonymous

Very Comfortable Environment!
"I liked the way the staff treated you like a real person. They showed no prejudice toward any procedures. I appreciate the professional manner that everyone in the office carried themselves with. I will definitely refer people and be a repeat customer."
   - Anonymous

Very Informative
"I was very impressed with the personalized information sent out. It answered many questions. All aspects have been handled in a relaxed, professional, caring environment."
   - Anonymous

Great Vibe From Dr. Leppink!
"Dr. Leppink was very personable, friendly, and down to earth. Both my husband and I really like Dr. Leppink. We got a good vibe from Dr. Leppink"
   - Anonymous

Brundage Exceeded My Expectations
"I am so pleased with my surgery results! I just wanted to thank all of you for making my experience such a pleasant one. Everyone was so nice - nurses, anesthesia, etc. Dr. Brundage did an excellent job - he really exceeded my expectations!"
   - Anonymous

Dr. Brundage Did A Fantastic Job!
"I recently had my breast augmentation, revision, done by Dr. Scott Brundage in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am so thankful to have found his name on your web site. He did an absolutely amazing job. I went from very unnatural 550cc, shaped saline implants (done by another surgeon 9 years ago), to 400cc, smooth, round silicone. I told Dr. Brundage exactly what I wanted, smaller implants with a very natural look and a gradual slope. He did exactly that! I am a very particular person, and now I know that "perfection" isn't too much to ask for! :-) He did a fantastic job and he is a sweet and caring person too. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Grand Rapids area considering this surgery."
   - Nancy

Dr. Brundage Was Great!
"Dr. Brundage did a great job! He told me to trust him and his judgment. He couldn't have been more right. I am very pleased and it's only been 3 weeks post op."
   - Anonymous

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