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Personal Experiences Submission Form

Thank you for contributing your story and/or photos to the Visitors' Experiences section! If you have already had breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift or any kind of breast surgery, you know how important it was to read the stories of women who had gone through the difficult decision to undergo this surgery and who had experienced recovery first hand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are only submitting a short testimonial (1 or 2 paragraphs) for your doctor, use our short testimonial form here!

Rules for Submission

OK, we really don't like this part, but we have to do it. Before you submit your story and/or pictures, please take a minute to review these rules first. 

How to Submit

Please note that you can submit just a story, just photos OR a story with photos. Simply fill out the information below then click on the submit button! The form is divided into 4 simple steps. Remember, the more information you provide, the more help it will be to other visitors!  

Personal Experiences Submission Form

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