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Why Get Breast Reduction?

December 12, 2012

by Christine G. Adamo

Talk about breasts doesn’t generally make people think about downsizing. 

But, as the American Society for Plastic Surgeons points out, many plastic surgery candidates benefit from breast reduction surgery. According to the ASPS, in 2011 an estimated 63,000 breast reduction surgeries were performed on women. Also called reduction mammaplasty or reduction mammoplasty, the procedure is classified as breast reconstruction surgery when performed on women.

Breasts: Why Downsize?

Individual motivation to pursue reduction mammaplasty varies. In general, reduction candidates have breasts which are overly large. With the help of plastic surgery, they can achieve a combination of effects:
  • Better physical balance
  • Better emotional balance
  • Better aesthetic balance
Reduction mammaplasty corrects ongoing problems associated with physical pain, poor posture and negative self image which are directly related to large breast size. Many women often say they endure years of suffering before scheduling breast reduction surgery. ??Negative thoughts which plague people with over-large breasts include:
  • “Why do my breasts have to be so big?”
  • “Why can’t my body be more proportionate?”
  • “Why doesn’t anything fit the way it’s supposed to?”
  • “Why can’t I get rid of this back/neck/shoulder pain?”

10 Most Common Reasons for Pursuing Breast Reduction

On the whole, breast reduction candidates’ primary goals are to achieve better proportions while freeing themselves of unwanted physical pain, emotional pain and other limitations. The 10 most common reasons for pursuing breast reduction surgery follow, in no particular order:
  1. To be freer – participating in a wide range of activities
  2. To gain balance – achieving a more proportionate body
  3. To look better – feeling more confident in and out of clothing
  4. To be healthier – ridding of health-related complications
  5. To get a boost – having breasts and nipples lifted and repositioned
  6. To tone up – shedding skin that’s stretched under breast weight
  7. To live easier – reducing stress through more manageable breast size
  8. To slim down – revealing and projecting a more slender appearance
  9. To hurt less – reducing bra strap pain and breast pressure or irritation
  10. To think positively – improving self image and feeling less conspicuous

While diet and exercise are great, they won’t typically change the basic shape and size of our breasts. However, some people turn to reduction mammaplasty after losing weight. This rids them of excess skin and exercise-resistant fat while correcting breast position.

More on Reduction Mammoplasty

During reduction mammaplasty, plastic surgeons remove excess skin, fat and/or glandular tissue via incisions made on or around the breasts. Often covered by insurance, breast reduction surgery can be performed at nearly any time, as long as the breasts are fully developed.

Before scheduling reduction mammaplasty, a qualified plastic surgeon will typically focus on helping you determine whether:
  • you’re in good health and are prepared for surgery
  • you understand what breast surgery recovery involves. 
  • you’re confident in your decision about breast reduction.
  • you’re aware of your reduction mammaplasty risks.
  • you’re at and have maintained a healthy weight.
  • you’ve carefully considered your options.
Learn more by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast reduction surgery. He or she should be able to answer each of your questions and be willing to share breast reduction before and after photos with you.   

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